For those that don’t know this about me, combat sports are a big part of my life.

Besides the duties I pull here at FreedomWire as one of the premier political editorializers on the planet (is that over-inflating my ego?), I am also a martial arts instructor, owning a school in which I teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I’ve been a competitive athlete for the better part of 15 years now, and in my time, I’ve become friends with a lot of marquee names in the MMA world.

I haven’t met former UFC Strawweight champion Rose Namajunas, but I’ve been a BIG fan for a long time, not because she’s a good fighter or a pretty young lady, but because of her inspirational story (overcoming a past sexual assault) and her work ethic.

However, as much as liked Rose before, I like her even more now because she just told the Liberal mob that’s steadily embracing communism to go kick rocks.

“Better Dead Than Red”

In an interview, Namajunas was asked how she fights without animosity towards her opponents and this is what she had to say: “I was just kind of reminding myself of my background and everywhere that I come from and my family and everything like that, and I kind of wanted to educate my training partner on the Lithuanian struggle and just the history of it all, so we watched ‘The Other Dream Team’ (2012 documentary on the Lithuanian basketball team back in 1991)  just to kind of get an overall sentiment of what we fight for. After watching that, it was just a huge reminder of like, yeah, it’s better dead than red, you know? And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Weili is red. That’s what she represents.”

Namajunas will be taking on Chinese fighter Zhang Weili on April 24th in a bid to reclaim the title she lost to another fighter back in 2019.

Namajunas went on to say, “It’s nothing personal against her, but that’s a huge motivating factor of why I fight, and I fight for freedom. I’ve got the Christ consciousness, I’ve got Lithuanian blood, and I’ve got the American dream. All of those things I’m taking with me into the fight.”

How awesome is that?

Incredible, right?

Well, the Left obviously doesn’t think so.

Of course, with all the awareness of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence going on right now, it was only a matter of time until some Liberal tried to make this about race rather than Rose’s own experience of being a part of a family that was oppressed by socialism.

However, Namajunas isn’t backing down.

Why would she? She’s both a fighter and someone with intimate knowledge about communism, so of course she’s not going to back down from what she believes.

Freedom Is The BEST Motivation

Namajunas went on to say, “I have a lot to fight for in this fight, and what she [Weili] represents, you know, I was just, I was just trying to remind myself of all the — my background and everywhere that I come from and my family and everything like that.”

And that’s not a BAD thing. Communism IS a bad thing.

However, just because somebody like Zhang Weili is a communist doesn’t mean that the two fighters can’t come to some common ground and mutual respect.

But that’s for AFTER the fight.

Before the fight, let Namajunas picture Zhang Weili as the face of communism.

Let her use whatever motivation she needs to try and win the fight.

There are worse things to be motivated by than freedom…

I mean, just look at our current legislative branch that’s motivated by suppression and oppression. It’s definitely not a good look.

Good luck to Rose next week…

Let’s hope that her hard work pays off – both for her and for America!


“I’m against any religion, and Communism and Nazism – they’re both equally religions. They’re just replacement gods.” – Lemmy Kilmister