Do you know what I’m worried about as a Floridian? I’m worried that the rest of the country is going to get on board the Ronny D train and ask Governor Ron DeSantis to run for the presidency in 2024.

And I can totally see why.

Governor DeSantis has done an incredible job running the Sunshine State during the pandemic. He followed the science and refused to allow politics to get in the way of doing what was right by the people of Florida.

It was his actions that led to Florida—one of the most populated states—to some of the lowest COVID death rates in the country…and the Left hates him for it.

I can see the GOP doing their best to lure him away from the governorship of the Sunshine State in order to put him into the White House…but that’s something I really don’t want.

At least not yet.

My hope is that Trump gets his much-deserved second term in 2024 and then Ronny D can make the big move in 2028.

For now, let him sit comfortably in the friendly city of Tallahassee while he goes about ruffling the feathers of some of DC’s most embedded and prominent swamp dwellers from the safety of his home state.

Because messing with DC’s slimiest characters is what Ron DeSantis does best…case in point: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Ronny D Takes On Fauci

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most people never heard of Dr. Fauci, though he’s operated behind the scenes for decades.

But for the past year and a half, he’s been a prominent figure to the American public, and he’s been responsible for many of the decisions we’ve made throughout these trying times.

However, a lot of the information we’ve learned about him brings both his expertise and leadership into question.

Take for example the fact that he has personally profited from many of the vaccines that he’s been instrumental in getting passed through the FDA.

It’s hard to trust somebody to make the right decisions to help our country’s health when he actively profits from them being sick.

For these and many other reasons, Fauci has gotten more and more pushback—and one of the biggest pushers has been none other than Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has taken such a strong stance against the bespectacled tyrant that he’s actually taken to selling anti-Fauci merchandise on the website for his reelection campaign.

At the latest Turning Point USA event in Tampa, Florida, the governor told a crowd of young patriots all about it.

“Let me just give you a personal welcome to the free state of Florida,” DeSantis told the crowd of young conservatives. “Here in Florida, we believe in lifting people up, not locking people down. We believe in the rights of kids to get an in-person education, and the right of people to earn a living — the right of people to maintain their businesses. Florida chooses freedom over Fauci-ism.”

Freedom over Fauci-ism…

How great is that?

Don’t Get “Fauci’d”

Oh, but there were a few more gems he gave those kids.

“If a kid gets locked out of school for a year, that kid got Fauci’d,” DeSantis joked. “If someone is out of work for a year because of lockdowns, that worker got Fauci’d. If a family loses a business due to the lockdown, that family got Fauci’d. We’re not gonna allow that in the state of Florida.”

He then talked about the mainstream media’s reaction to this merchandise and their staunch criticism of it—but Ronny D said their “spasm caused sales to go through the roof.”

But he wasn’t done there. DeSantis, a former Yale baseball player, made fun of Fauci’s pitching prowess, reminding the crowd of Fauci’s opening pitch debacle back in 2020 at the home opener of the Washington Nationals.

“He doesn’t know how to throw a baseball,” DeSantis joked again. “He did the worst first pitch that I’ve seen anybody do.”

“This is a guy who thinks he has been right on everything, and he’s been wrong on so much,” DeSantis continued. “He deserves to be held accountable for the money that went to the Wuhan lab. This leaked out of the lab, and we need Fauci and these other bureaucrats to be held accountable.”

While I can’t vouch for the lab leak since it hasn’t been fully proven yet, I do feel exactly the same way Big Ron does: it’s the most likely scenario, and these people in DC that knew about it—especially Fauci—need to pay.

And it’s that kind of candidness that makes DeSantis appealing…and it’s why I’m worried he’s going to be lured away to DC before finishing the job in Florida that he started in 2019.

The rest of the Conservatives in America can wait a few years.

Give us a few more years, and then he can be the president we all deserve.


“You will never understand bureaucracies until you understand that for bureaucrats procedure is everything and outcomes are nothing.” – Thomas Sowell


For all your pro-DeSantis, Anti-Fauci merchandise needs, check out the governor’s campaign website HERE: