The Mueller report is concluded; that doesn’t mean that the “witch hunt” against President Trump is over.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are continuing to fish for alleged crimes committed by the president.

The congressional Democrats are abusing their congressional oversight powers by demanding Trump’s tax returns.

Why? They don’t know; they just know he did something wrong. They are sure of it. They believe that Trump’s tax returns contain the treasure map that will lead them to the ultimate treasure: impeachment.

The Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee has requested that the IRS turn over the president’s tax returns.

It has been 45 years since a president’s tax information was demanded by Congress.

The chairman of the committee, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, requesting the documents.

Chairman Neal is claiming he is doing a public service by seeking the tax returns.

President Trump has claimed he can’t reveal his tax information because he is under audit by the IRS — a common practice for sitting presidents.

Neal is claiming he needs the tax returns to see if the IRS is actually performing the audit. The chairman said in a statement, “On behalf of the American people, the Ways and Means Committee must determine if that policy is being followed, and if so, whether these audits are conducted fully and appropriately.”

The congressman claimed he needed Trump’s tax returns to make a determination: “In order to fairly make that determination, we must obtain President Trump’s tax returns and review whether the IRS is carrying out its responsibilities.”

What a guy! He is doing this for the American people. He is performing an important public service.

If you believe this, I have a time-share property to sell you in Belize.

The Democrats are abusing the Constitution’s checks and balances and using them as a tool to do political harm to the president.

This is not what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution.

This practice is dangerous for all Americans, not just the president. If they can do it to a president, then what is to stop them from reviewing OUR tax information.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has the same concern. He said, “A lot of Americans are shocked that Congress can review tax returns, whether it’s a blue collar worker or the president of the United States.”

This is not a new tactic for the left. They have done it before.

During the height of the Tea Party movement in 2009 to 2010, many groups and persons associated with the movement were discriminated against by the IRS.

The groups were stonewalled in their efforts to have their non-profit status confirmed. The most high-profile villain in the case was Lois Lerner. She was in charge of the IRS division that oversaw nonprofit groups at the time of the scandal. Lerner famously pled the fifth during a House committee hearing into the matter.

The IRS and the Obama administration were guilty of fostering partisan application of the tax code and singled out the request of sensitive information, such as requests for donor lists.

In response, Conservative groups fought back. Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG), headed by Tea Party leader Mark Meckler, led a class action lawsuit of 469 parties who were targeted by the IRS.

CSG won the lawsuit, and the IRS was forced to settle with the Conservative groups for $3.5 million. After winning the lawsuit, Meckler said, “We all know the IRS unconstitutionally targets Tea

Party groups to shut down their political speech in a violation of the First Amendment. That has been unequivocally proven by the statements of IRS employees.”

Congressional Democrats are pursuing similar methods in their treatment of Trump. This time, they don’t have the power of the Obama administration to abuse the privacy rights of citizens.

Instead, they have decided to use the power of the House of Representatives — the only part of the federal government that they control.

They have absolutely no right to do this without cause. Trump is not a king; he is an American citizen, too. He should have the same rights as every other American with regard to his privacy. Just because he is president doesn’t mean he should be treated differently than the rest of us.


Obtaining his tax returns opens Pandora’s box for future leaders and citizens alike. It is a rocky road to tyranny.