Is global momentum shifting away from Liberalism in favor of Conservatism?

            While the worldwide Left seems to control EVERYTHING thanks to its grip on mainstream news and social media platforms, Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle may have been the tipping point the world needed to show the world how dangerous Liberalism is to the God-given freedoms that we take for granted.

            While the mess Biden made may have been the tipping point, the way various world governments have been responding to the coronavirus pandemic may have been the largest part of the bundle on the camel’s back. The Afghanistan disaster was just the last straw.

            The way that governments in New Zealand and Australia are handling the newest surge of COVID is absolutely horrifying. They’re locking their citizens in their homes, sending infected people to government-run quarantine camps, and keeping family members apart without exception.

            Canada isn’t much better. Citizens of that country were mandated to take a test after international travel. If they tested COVID-negative, they had to stay in their house for two weeks mandatory quarantine (a word once reserved for ONLY those who were sick). If they were positive, they were forced to stay in a COVID hotel at their own expense until they tested negative.

Crowds TURN On Justin Trudeau

            However, there’s more to the Canada’s COVID story.

Crowds are starting to turn on Justin Trudeau, the uber-Liberal Prime Minister of the country, due to his increasingly restrictive pandemic lockdown measures.

            And when I say “turning on him,” I mean it quite literally. Not only is Trudeau trailing Conservatives in polls, but the people are actually resorting to violence, with some anti-vax mandate protestors even throwing rocks at the PM during a campaign event.

            Seriously, see for yourself:

            Of course, political violence should NEVER be tolerated – and this is NOT how people should act in a civilized society. If they’re that set against Trudeau, they should beat him at the ballot box, not pummel him with rocks.

But the outrage of these citizen protesters isn’t unfounded.

            This is all due to some of the whacky lockdown rules that Trudeau has made over the past year and a half, especially pertaining to vaccinations.

            To say that Trudeau’s vaccine policy has been divisive would be an understatement. The PM has made the vaccine MANDATORY for anyone working for the government in ANY capacity or for people traveling by air, train, or ship.

Not only has he made it mandatory, but he’s even gone all dictatorial and told Canadians that there would be “consequences” for those who fail to follow the mandate without a “legitimate medical reason”—although he didn’t offer much in the way of enforcing his mandate.

Trudeau’s Mandate’s Mixed Message

You may be wondering why this mandate made Canadians angry enough to chuck gravel at the head of their head of state, and it comes down to mixed messages.

The mandate comes just a few months after Trudeau spoke out AGAINST vaccine mandates, telling reporters back in March that he thought mandatory vaccination was “fraught with challenges.”

Trudeau said, “I think the indications that the vast majority of Canadians are looking to get vaccinated will get us to a good place without having to take more extreme measures that could have real divisive impacts on community and country.”

Well, it seems that Trudeau has either decided to ignore those challenges or doesn’t care about the impact the compulsory shots are having on the country, because he went ahead with the mandate…and now he’s paying the price.

He’s trailing in polls behind Conservative Erin O’Toole, which is why he’s out on the campaign trail trying to make up some ground.

But other Canadians seeing how angry their fellow countrymen are about his mandate is pretty telling and may help people make up their minds about him.

Liberalism was winning…but then Liberals around the world started abusing their power, and now they’re going to have to reap the whirlwind that they’ve sown.

Good luck, Justin.

Not that we mean it…but it just sounded like the polite thing to say after bagging on the guy.


“I don’t read the newspapers… I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.” – Justin Trudeau