It’s not a good time to be a police officer in the United States of America. No matter how brave and how restrained they are, a violent mob will march on their cities and demand they be fired and defunded at the slightest provocation.

They try to equate racism with the mere existence of the cops, which is statistically not true. Considering how many interactions the police have with criminals, it is impressive how much discipline they show. Last year, only nine unarmed black men were shot and killed by police, and a deeper dive into those shootings show that the officers were provoked and justified in the vast majority of shootings.

Despite these facts, violent Leftist mobs are destroying cities and demanding that police leadership resign. Many police department officials are obliging, and who could blame them? They aren’t being properly recognized for their service and their very lives are often in danger, so why waste their time trying to defend these communities from criminals if they are going to be disrespected?

The latest example of this comes to us from Rochester, New York. Over the past week, unruly demonstrations have taken place in the city following the death of suspect Daniel Prude while in police custody back in March. In response to the uprisings, the entire police command of Rochester has resigned.

Daily Wire reported, “The entire Rochester Police Department (RPD) command staff, including Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, is resigning, reports said Tuesday…

In a press release from the RPD late in the day, it was confirmed that seven RPD leaders were resigning, including Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito, after nearly 34 years of service on the force, and Commander Fabian Rivera…

The resignations come after the city received national media attention for their at-times violent protests over the RPD interaction with a black man named Daniel Prude, who died about a week later. Local activists have demanded the resignation of Singletary.

The defund the police movement caused Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to leave her post last month. Not surprisingly, some cops are leaving the force in protest. Seattle’s Police Chief, Carmen Best is resigning due to the cuts in funding and staffing. Brandi Kruse tweeted, ‘Chief Best has been vocal in her opposition to those cuts, and told me in an interview today that she felt targeted by a ‘punitive’ proposal to cut her pay by 40%: ‘I do feel like it’s … animus toward me specifically,’ Kruse continued.’ Chief Carmen Best is the first black woman to lead the @SeattlePD. She is well respected by the rank and file, as well as community leaders. Seattle’s political and activist class will have to own this.”

In Dallas, their police chief, also a woman of color, has announced her resignation. NPR reported, “Police Chief U. Reneé Hall, the first Black woman to head the department, has announced that she is stepping down from the post. Her resignation follows criticism over the department’s response to protests against racism and police violence…

Hall is the latest in a string of police chiefs in cities such as Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Atlanta; Louisville, Ky.; and Rochester, N.Y., who have left or have been pushed out of their posts amid national protests this summer over how law enforcement engages with communities of color.”

Notice what these police chiefs have in common? They’re all black. See, I thought that all Black Lives Mattered, but apparently, if that black life is dressed in a police uniform, it suddenly stops mattering to the mob. It’s not about ending racism—it is about eradicating law and order in the nation and instituting radical Left socialist policies.

The mob wants to tear the whole system down and they don’t about care the color of the person who stands in their way. That is evidenced by the recent forced resignations of the above-mentioned black police chiefs. To the radical Left, the ends justify the means. They will stop at nothing until they get their way, and their end goal is clear: The destruction of America.