Don’t let the Democrats and media fool you: there are no “peaceful protestors” in Portland at this point. It’s been nearly 70 days of nonstop riots and protests in the city, and it’s been far from peaceful. Every person who still attends condones violence even if they are not the ones committing it themselves. They are providing cover for the anti-American, God-hating anarchists who would love nothing more than to revel in the destruction of everything that is good about this country.

Over the weekend, a multitude of different videos surfaced on social media showing rioters in Portland setting fire to American flags and Bibles in truly infuriating public displays.

The demonstrators’ message doesn’t get clearer than that. They don’t care about police brutality, racial injustice, or equality. They care about destroying every facet of America, particularly its roots in God and everything that the flag represents.

As to be expected, their sponsors in the Democrat party responded in agreement with their actions. In an interview with Fox News, House Majority Whip and South Carolina Democrat James Clyburn did not disavow the acts of hate.

The RNC posted the clip on Twitter captioned, “When asked about rioters in Portland burning bibles, Democrat Rep. James Clyburn responds, ‘that’s their business.’ Later, after months of rioters targeting the federal courthouse in Portland, he asks, ‘what federal building has been under threat?’”

“That’s their business,” Clyburn says. Burning Bibles and the American flag is just another day in the office for him. Nothing to see there. This kind of apathetic attitude and will to just let this go on, is disgusting, from an American lawmaker. In my opinion, he just became a traitor to his constituents.

Donald Trump Jr. took a different tone on the incidents. He wrote on Twitter, “Now we move to the book burning phase. I’m pretty sure ANTIFA doesn’t actually stand for what they say it stands for. Maybe just remove the anti part of them name and it’s perfect.”

Giving a somewhat historical perspective, he points to the actions of former Fascist groups like the Nazis, who also burned Bibles and other books en mass as part of their cultural takeover. Videos quickly began circulating social media showing Nazis holding book-burning sessions in 1933. Some social media users made collages contrasting those videos to show how today’s ANTIFA, or “Anti Fascists,” are acting like actual Fascists.

My concern is this: how long and how far are we going to allow this go?

The federal officers are trying to arrest as many agitators as they can. However, as vile as it is, it’s not a crime to burn either the American flag or the Bible, and the Supreme Court has upheld this. Since they can’t be arrested simply for doing that alone, we essentially have no choice but to wait until the situation escalates on its own—and eventually, it will. If and when it does, there are two consequences we need to be aware of.

One: escalation is inevitable for violent agitators who are already showing aggression and violence toward the symbols of our great country. When they start attacking regular Americans who stand for those symbols is when the bigger problems begin. One side will win, and it will be the side of law and order.

Two: we need to be aware of the cultural impact these anarchists are making, with the media and half of our politicians backing them up. It’s scary to think that as long as there is massive support for organizations like ANTIFA, the more support they will gain from young people. Our country, in its current state, cannot afford more generations growing up to think this behavior is justified and permissible.

To prevent these inevitable consequences, we need a stronger federal response to the Portland rioters, and we need to speak out against their actions ourselves. We won’t have reliable law and order until the situation is completely quelled. It’s time we fearlessly take back our country before it’s too late.