I swear, the world has fallen apart since Trump left office.

Sure, things have been a far cry from the fun and prosperous times of the Reagan years but at least, under Trump, Texas wasn’t frozen over and the president played real sports instead of video games, am I right?

There may be a humorous tone to what I’m saying, but I’m being serious, too, because it seems like things are MORE out of control than they’ve ever been.

This isn’t a return to normalcy; it’s a shift towards chaos—and something tells me it’s going to get worse from here.

You would think that the pandemic was the worst development of the last year…but while America was dealing with COVID and Trump was fending off one political attack after another, something happened that should make the world nervous: ISIS has returned.


The terrorist organization that wreaked havoc upon the Middle East, mostly in Syria and Iraq—the organization that was pounded into the dust by President Donald J Trump—is back and ready to spread their hate and destruction with renewed vigor.

ISIS Raises Its Ugly Head Once Again

We’ve been getting new reports of skirmishes between ISIS and Iraqi and Kurdish forces, as reported by Sirwan Barzani, a commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga regiment stationed near the northern Iraqi city of Erbil.

Barzani has said that ISIS has taken full advantage of the pandemic, and while the attention of world leaders was focused on fighting COVID, ISIS regained strength and made more aggressive moves.

Barzani said this ferocious terrorist group was still “a big threat for all of the world” and that the fighters “will keep pushing as they want to become more powerful.”

Of course they’re a threat.

That’s why Trump made it a mission to wipe them out. However, as I mentioned earlier, not only was he dealing with the virus, but he was forced to fend off continued political attacks by the Left and the mainstream media.

I wonder…would his critics have done the same if they realized that attacking Trump would lead to the rebirth of ISIS?

Barzani continued, “When the liberation started for the whole area, they shaved their beards and posed as civilians, but they were waiting for the opportunity and slowly they went back to rejoin them [ISIS leadership]. They reorganized themselves quicker because of the pandemic and because there were less coalition operations. That was something that was good for them but bad for us, of course.”

And while the Kurds and the Royal Air Force are pushing back against them, it probably won’t be enough.

What Will America Do?

The Peshmerga estimate there around 7,000 ISIS fighters but the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) thinks that’s an underestimation.

UNOCT chief Vladimir Voronkov said that at least 10,000 ISIS members are fighting in both Iraq and Syria with the ultimate goal being world domination, something Voronkov expresses when he referred to them as “a major, long-term and global threat.”

ISIS attacks have also been on the rise across the globe, with acts of terror happening all over the reach of Muslim extremism, ranging from Africa to the Philippines.

If you think this problem is going to go away, or if you think this isn’t an American problem, you’re wrong.

Wherever extremism takes hold, freedom dies.

This is an American problem because if we don’t help nip this in the bud, it won’t be long till these kinds of problems make it to our shores.


It wasn’t too long ago that Border Control Officials arrested 11 Iranians that were crossing the US/Mexico border in Arizona—and if you think they’re the first to come to our country through Mexico, you’re sorely mistaken.

Biden needs to keep an eye on this problem and potentially take proactive measures to ensure that ISIS doesn’t gain a foothold in the region.

The only question is…

Does he have the stones for it?


“Terrorism will spill over if you don’t speak up.” – Malala Yousafzai