For weeks, the media warned us that, if states reopened for business, a massive spike in coronavirus cases would occur, leading to overwhelmed hospitals and a rising death toll. They insisted that we must remain closed until a vaccine is developed, even though that could take over a year. It’s worth it if it saves just one life, they told us. But even so, many states began a slow process of reopening, and so far, the media’s dire predictions have been wrong.

While it is true that a few states have seen an increase in reported COVID-19 cases, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The number of hospitalizations and deaths haven’t spiked beyond sustainable levels, and the number of people testing positive continues to decline in the states that have reopened. Also, it is not surprising that the number of confirmed cases has risen. As states reopen, they’ve increased the number of tests they conduct, which increases the sampling size.

Studies have shown that far more people have the virus than previously thought, but many of these people are asymptomatic.

The media, of course, runs with headlines that tout the increased total of confirmed cases in some of the states that have begun a phased reopening, but they bury the positive data deep in their reports. For example, The Hill reported, “Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona are among the states seeing rising numbers of coronavirus cases, intensifying concerns as they seek to reopen shuttered economies.”

Texas saw its largest one-day increase in cases on Saturday, with 1,801 new cases. North Carolina also saw its largest single-day jump on Saturday with 853 new cases. Arizona likewise reported 462 new cases that day, close to a record high.

The seven-day average in new cases in all three states has also been rising, according to data compiled by The New York Times.

Then, later in the report, The Hill reported, “Spokesmen for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) both pointed to their states’ increasing testing as a factor to explain the increases.

Both states have fairly low positivity rates on their testing (the percentage of total tests that come back positive), a favorable sign. Rates in both states are about 5 percent, down significantly from the rates in April. North Carolina’s positivity rate has been steady at about 6 percent…

All three states are also not seeing problems with hospital capacity, a key metric.”

Those seem like important details, don’t you think? Why not lead with those numbers instead of the increase in cases? That is a rhetorical question, of course, because we all know how biased the Left-wing media is.

In Florida, Governor Ron Desantis has done an outstanding job but receives nothing but criticism from the media. However, the media heaps praise on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has done an awful job and was arguably even responsible for higher death tolls early on in the pandemic.

ABC News reported that Florida “has increased COVID-19 testing to nearly 60,000 a day and the governor has increased lab capacity above 30,000 per day, according to the health department. As of Monday, the state tested 677,710 people for the virus, a jump of nearly 220,000 from May 1, according to the health department.

… The death count has also fluctuated during those 18 days but there are some signs of recent progress. Between May 1 and May 8, the state saw an average of 42 deaths a day while between May 9 and May 16 there were an average of about 24 deaths a day, according to the data…

During the period between May 9 and May 16, all but one day saw lower than 30 deaths.

Data shows that the positivity rate for tests has been declining as more tests have been conducted. On May 1, the number of positive tests were 45,235 out of the 458,156 total tests, roughly 10%. On May 18, the state health department said there were 46,442 positive tests out of the 677,710 tested, roughly 7%.”

Brian Kemp, the much-maligned Governor of Georgia has so far been vindicated for his bold act of reopening his state. Last week, Governor Kemp reported the following data in a tweet:

  • Lowest # of COVID-19 patients hospitalized (1,203) \
  • Lowest # of ventilators in use (897)
  • 110k tested in the last 11 days w/ testing available for all Georgians
  • Declining percentage of Georgians testing positive (14%)”


Colorado began reopening at the beginning of May and has so far seen the number of hospitalizations and daily death totals continue to decline. It should be noted that the media hasn’t attacked Colorado Governor Jared Polis for reopening his state, despite their warnings against that action. Maybe it has something to do with Polis being a strong Democrat. What a surprise. It’s as if the media is biased against Republican governors.

North Carolina has begun to reopen, and that state’s Democrat governor has likewise been protected from severe criticism.

So far things are looking positive for states that have begun to reopen for business. The doomsday scenarios prophesied by the media have so far not occurred. Lets all pray that this trend continues because 36 million Americans are currently out of a job and our country can’t afford another lockdown. Our economy likely won’t survive another shutdown.