One of my favorite things about the United States of America is the fact that we are a federated republic.

What that means in the good ol’ US of A is that the mob doesn’t get to rule. While some will argue that this is in direct conflict with democracy, they’re wrong; it’s actually what keeps it fair.

If we were a true democracy, then the voices of MILLIONS of Americans would be silenced. Since a majority of the population lives on the coasts (where most populated urban centers are) their voices would essentially control everything. Then the wants and needs of the rest of America, mostly the flyover states of our heartland, would be fully ignored.

Politicians wouldn’t have to campaign or listen to these people because their votes simply wouldn’t count in the grand scheme of things.

That right there is why the idea of abolishing the Electoral College is so terrible. It would take the voice away from tens of millions of Americans—and that’s the worst kind of voter suppression there is.

However, we’re not here to talk about the Electoral College and the Left introducing legislation to abolish it.

No, instead we’re here to talk about why it’s important that America remain a federated republic…

And states like Alabama, Wyoming, Montana, and more are showing us right now.

Reminding The World That States Rights Take Precedence!

As we speak, states like Arizona, Arkansas, and others are showing us that, when it comes to the laws we abide under, it’s the laws of the states that take precedence over the laws of the federal government. But since Joe Biden is currently angling to make some big changes to the gun laws of our country, these Red states are protecting the rights of their citizens.

What are they doing?

Well, state legislators are taking preemptive action to introduce and pass laws that would nullify any new gun control measures taken by Sleepy Joe and company, insulating legal gun owners from having their rights trampled.

More than a dozen states, from the Deep South to the Northwest, have introduced bills designed to nullify any new federal gun restrictions, laws, or policies.

Biden has vowed to act more aggressively on gun laws after a cluster of mass shootings erupted over the past two months.

He’s already taken SOME action, imposing one set of regulations on so-called “ghost guns,” the kinds of weapons you can buy in pieces and build yourself if you’re so inclined. They’re not easily traced since they don’t have the serial numbers that regular riffles do.

But that’s only the tip of Biden’s gun control iceberg…which is why state governments are taking action to stop it.

Some of the more impressive legislation allows citizens to sue local police if they assist in federal gun control enforcement, which may quickly become commonplace because this Liberal gun grab is coming sooner rather than later.

With each new rash of shootings, more and more Liberals and Leftist politicians talk about getting the gun of their streets, galvanizing their base into the strongest anti-gun control contingent to ever exist.

Enough Is Enough

This is the monster that the Left created, and now they’ll have to deal with it.

Arkansas Senator Gary Stubblefield said it was time to “beat back” federal overreach, “I just think it’s time that states stand up and say enough is enough.  We’re still a free country, and we’re still a sovereign state.”

And Stubblefield and his state are right…

However, this freedom needs to rise up through the ranks of our federal government. Our federal representatives need to remember that they don’t hold the ultimate power over us. According to the Constitution, there are stronger entities than the federal government.

Even we sometimes forget that the federal government works for us—but they need reminding once in a while.

This is that reminder…

And it would be great if some Blue state legislators jumped on board with this as well.

They’re protecting THEIR law-abiding citizens, so pushing back against Big Brother should be a no-brainer…

But it’s not.

This is the future Liberals want for America…

A nationwide gun-free zone where only outlaws have guns and the federal government holds all the power.

But not on the GOP’s watch.

Not now…not EVER.


“They will never outlaw all of your guns at once. But every ‘reasonable’ control they can impose without your resistance gives them one more bit of leverage to make gun ownership for you and your children and your grandchildren as difficult as possible.” – Dave Kopel


Editor’s Note:

For the past few years, we’ve had a handful of brave Conservatives fighting back against socialism’s disgusting attempts to take root. Fighting against socialism is fighting against control—fighting against tyranny itself!—but only a handful of Americans seem to have the guts to do it. One individual has been fighting for your rights for decades, and he’s got an important message for Conservatives now. Bill O’Reilly was canceled due to his strong Conservative views—but he’s BACK! And he’s ready to show you how to prosper under the thumb of authoritarianism—Watch this quick video message HERE.