For those that are new to FreedomWire, you may not know that I haven’t always been a Conservative.

Truth be told, I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and for other Democrats in almost every election before that for as long as I was able to vote.

I thought compassion was more important than policy. I thought that “doing good in the world” was more important than BEING good…

But eventually, I learned that the Right has just as much compassion as the Left. They just realize that it takes a lot more than words to ensure that good prevails. What can look like compassion from the Left is usually simple manipulation.

One person and one person alone was responsible for my shift in thinking. One person was responsible for opening my eyes to the real world in my own personal “red pill” moment.

That man was my good friend Rusty Shackleford—and you’ve probably watched some of his videos here on FreedomWire. (If you haven’t, CLICK HERE to check out his latest.)

He is almost solely responsible for showing me the truth about the relationship between Left and the Right—and as deep as I am into my conservatism, he shows me something new every time I talk to him.

Iron Sharpens Iron

He has one of the sharpest minds I’ve ever encountered when it comes to politics, and he seems to know things before they even happen.

I’m going to share a conversation he and I had just this morning…

Please give it a read and let us know how you think the rest of the conversation should go after it stops.

It all started with this text:

Rusty: “Soros & co are spending serious ad dollars. Watching Fox & Friends this morning and OWNED the entire commercial break… Listening to 1290 – and their commercials are everywhere. That started today… But here’s their pitch: ‘You can help elect the first African American woman for Vice President.’ That’s how they’re selling it.”

Sean: “She’s not… she’s 1/4 black.”

Rusty: “Yes of course… but their voters don’t know that. Just like Obama. And just like Obama, [Kamala Harris] grew up with ACTUAL privilege.”

Sean: “I still think they’re going to lose. They lost America with the riots.”

Rusty: “In a landslide.”

Sean: “This laptop [from Hunter Biden] is going to sink them… may even sink the whole party.”

Rusty: “I wouldn’t be so sure – the state is deep and they all stick together. Besides, they’re like cockroaches. They don’t mind nuking our country and way of life because they know they’ll survive it.”

Sean: “If Trump wins… can he break the Deep State?”

Rusty: “He can put a dent in it… expose it… but he’s only one man and it’s only four years. The Republicans aren’t likely to stick with Trump in a second term since he’s out after that. Anyhow, this machine is bigger than I think any of us can imagine. So, for now, yes… but this fight is just beginning.”

Sean: “Yeah… but is it the end of America as we knew it? Did weak men win?”

Rusty: “It’s the American middle-class taxpayer against the entire world. They haven’t won. They’ve just come awful far in a shockingly short period of time. The good news is they woke up the sleeping giant.”

A Sleeping Giant No More!

That’s right…

The Left has awoken a sleeping giant. We can see that giant raise its head at every Trump rally… at every Trump convoy… at every early polling station.

The Left made a mistake…

They assumed that the average American would back their insane views that America is a racist, bigoted country. They assumed that we would back a Marxist movement like BLM and embrace their “Defund the Police” insanity…

They assumed that the average American can’t see what a mess Joe Biden is or how deep Kamala Harris’ hypocrisy goes.

They assumed we’re uneducated about what they’re trying to do in the media, social media, and Hollywood…

They assumed we wouldn’t dig deeper – but we did.

We know what’s going on…

And knowing is half the battle.


“The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.” – Herodotus