Conservatives are often called racists, bigots, and anti-LGBT if we don’t support woke policies.

But the thing is, if we as conservatives are called any of the above, we know we have actually won the debate. The Left only pulls out those labels when they don’t have a real argument.

The following are many reasons conservatives are called racist, bigots, transphobic, and anti-LGBT.

So, apparently, I as a conservative am racist because I support voter integrity laws that seek to ensure that our elections are free and fair.

I am also transphobic because I have the audacity to say that a biological male is a male and a biological female is…well…a female.

I am a racist for not supporting affirmative action and forced equality of outcomes because I believe in a merit-based system. One’s success or failures should be as a result of their own actions, not the color of their skin.

I am a racist because I celebrate the time-proven importance of the nuclear family for future life success both personally and professionally.

I am racist because I don’t support giving reparations for slavery to people that were never slaves themselves.

I am racist because I support voter integrity laws meant to ensure our elections are fair, like the one just passed in Georgia.

Being for simple things like voter I.D.—especially for absentee ballots—signature matching, narrow criteria for requesting mail-in ballots, keeping most voting to in-person on Election Day, and limiting the number of drop boxes in communities to prevent ballots from being tampered with without supervision makes me a racist as well.

I am transphobic because I don’t support biological men being able to compete in women’s sports. I believe that males have bodies that are more suited to higher performance in athletics than women and this gives them an unfair advantage in athletic competition over biological women. This isn’t fair to biological girls.

I am transphobic because I don’t believe a biological male should be allowed to use a women’s bathroom because of the possibility of sexual molestation or sexual assault they could commit against girls and women due to their biological strength.

I am racist because I don’t believe that police should be defunded and that by citing statistics that disprove their narrative that it’s open season by cops on black people, I am a racist.

And most of all, I am racist because I support and defend the American Founding.

Our Founders weren’t perfect, but they established the freest government in the history of man.

Never in human history had a country been founded on an ideal like America where the rights of the individual were to be protected by the government and checks and balances decentralized power from an all-powerful leader.

That is what makes America worth defending.

The truth is that Americans of all colors, sexuality, and cultural heritage are freer than they have ever been in American history.

This country has come a long way, and the country should be celebrated not derided.

So, I reject the Left’s premise: Conservatives aren’t racist, bigots, transphobic. We just oppose the Left, and that has us earned us these labels.

So, the next time you as a conservative are labeled any of the above, take that as a badge of honor because you just won the debate.

Tell them thanks for playing.