The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that the Senate has agreed to hold a hearing on the alleged election fraud that has tainted the results of the 2020 presidential election…but it’s happening.

The most serious threat to face our republic in decades has officially made it beyond the level of public hearings held by state legislators in contested states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona.

Despite many rejections on voter fraud cases from lower courts, federal courts, and even the Supreme Court, the Senate has taken up the issue.

Unbeknownst to most, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs held an election fraud hearing on Wednesday morning where lawmakers heard from witnesses and discussed the threat fraud poses to our secure elections.

When the hearing was first announced last week, the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said the goal of the congressional hearing will be “to resolve suspicions with full transparency and public awareness.”

Senator Johnson and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made certain that concerns of the American people were heard and addressed by their elected officials.

At the hearing, Paul and Johnson questioned Christopher Krebs, the former top cybersecurity official of the Trump Administration, who testified on the issue of whether the election was “secure.”

Krebs stated that this was the “most secure election” in our nation’s history based on advanced cybersecurity on the internet. That is a bit ironic considering the fact that the Left has been screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” for the past four years and even impeached President Trump partially based on the claim that Russian interference facilitated his election.

Senator Paul argued that Krebs is misleading people to believe the election was secure based on internet cybersecurity rather than the issues at hand including dead people who voted, individuals voting twice, and other illegal means of voting made possible by mass mail-in ballots.

Arguing on behalf of concerned Americans, Paul issued a fiery response to Krebs’ allegations of a “secure” election, stating definitively, “The fraud happened.”

“The election in many ways was stolen and the only way it’ll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws” set by state legislators under the Constitution.

He reminded the committee that it is urgent the courts look at whether “non-state legislators” can change the law before the election.

Under Bush v. Gore, that was found to be illegal under the Constitution as only state legislatures can change election law. The Secretary of State, the Governor, or anyone else cannot take those steps, which was found to have occurred in more than 20 states, according to Sen. Paul.

As for why the courts are not acting on the thousands of examples of election fraud, he said, “The courts never looked at the facts. They don’t like elections so they find an excuse.”

A perfect example of this is the Supreme Court throwing out the Texas lawsuit against the contested states for disenfranchising Texan votes.

However, in response to Sen. Paul and other Republican Senators who spoke along similar lines, Krebs said, “We have to move on… we have a President-Elect,” referring to Joe Biden.

Krebs moved on to say there are many Republicans who are putting country over party and “are being threatened as a result” for moving to unite with the President-Elect Joe Biden.

He alleged that GOP lawmakers, President Trump, and his supporters who want an investigation into fraud are causing severe harm to the American people’s “confidence” in our elections.

Downplaying the threat of widespread election fraud favoring Joe Biden by slamming those who want to investigate is more harmful to our republic than anyone who thinks the election was stolen.

Krebs refusing to admit that fraud was an issue in the 2020 election and instead attempting to unite around the candidate it favored poses a massive threat to the future of free and fair elections.

Regardless of political affiliation, all elected officials should want to investigate and ensure that we did, in fact, have a legal, fair election, as that is the cornerstone of the “American experiment”.

Unfortunately, the very idea of election integrity has become yet another party-line issue when it should be a bipartisan issue. It simply reinforces the growing sentiment that Democrats are anti-American and Republicans are the only ones left fighting for the republic. Plain and simple.

At this point, the only way public confidence will be restored in free and fair elections is if the courts take up the cases and serve justice to those who participated.