Malcom Harris recently wrote a book titled, “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials.”

He makes the case that the millennial generation is burned out … Why?

Answer: capitalism.

Yes, it so stressful playing video games, sipping lattes, posting Instagram photos, and watching Netflix.

It’s a hard knock life for the kids.

All these inventions came from capitalism. If only we could have never invented those things, life would be swell; we could go back to a time before capitalism when the average life expectancy was 36, child mortality rates were high, and we had to hunt and kill our own food.

In an interview on left-wing site, VOX, Harris was asked a series of questions; his answers were chilling.

The Vox interviewer said to Harris: “You’re arguing that the system is fundamentally flawed and thus there is no ultimate solution short of overthrowing it … the only solution is revolution.”

Harris responded: “We’re in a situation now where the ruling class feels so powerful and I’m not sure what it will take to change things.”

Because millennials are burned out, we must have a revolution?

Try to figure that logic out…

The interview gets worse.

Harris justified his call for revolution: “Revolution is hard, and that’s not an excuse not to participate in your community. But we have to be realistic about the possible near- and medium-term outcomes for this system, and there aren’t any good ones. We have to deal with capitalism soon, or it will deal with us.”

Deal with capitalism soon?

He talks as if capitalism is a living person.

Capitalism doesn’t have an expiration date; it is made up of free men and women freely exchanging goods and skills.

Harris has a Marxist view of the world. In his eyes, the workers are being exploited by their bosses.

It’s not as if workers are being held at gunpoint and forced to work. The reason they have a job is because consumers, like themselves, buy the products they make.

We have our problems in America; however, we have the highest standard of living in the history of humanity.

Kings and queens a hundred years ago lived worse off than even the poorest Americans do today.

Why would anyone want to blow up the system that has brought such material quality of life to so many?

The last thing that Willis says in his book is that millennials will have to become either fascists or revolutionaries.

The Vox interviewer asked Harris if he was “convinced that revolution is the only answer?”

Harris’ answer: “Yes, is the very simple answer. It’s not for me to say what must be done, but people can look at the world and decide for themselves. What I can tell you now is that we appear to be running out of options for reform.”

Out of options for reform?

How about seeking reform through the ballot box — not through the gun.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of nonsense being taught on many college campuses these days. American students are being taught to hate capitalism and liberty. One cannot exist without the other.

Sadly, liberty is an archaic term to today’s youth: Radicals like Malcom Harris are becoming the norm amongst many millennial students.

Regardless: There is no need for bloodshed — ever.