Democrat leaders in Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and Wisconsin have a new solution for racism: declare it a public health emergency.

How are they going to cure racism? By developing a drug to treat racism and bigotry? A search for a COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only antidote that researchers should be spending their time. No, apparently health experts must also spend their time curing racism…somehow.

Of course, I am being facetious, but even making fun of the Dems public health declaration is giving them too much credit. This is yet another case of virtue-signaling to their woke base and this time they are using taxpayer money to do so.

It is true that coronavirus has hit the minority community harder proportionally than it has hit whites. This is a legitimate concern that does warrant research; however, these Democrat governors aren’t truly concerned with the “public health” aspect of declaring racism a “public health emergency.”

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer— who is clearly pandering to become Joe Biden’s running mate, or at the very least to recover her declining popularity— announced her plan to address racism as a public health crisis. According to the Detroit Free Press, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday declared racism a public health crisis, ordered implicit bias training for all state employees and created a state advisory council to focus on issues affecting Black people in Michigan.

She said Black residents in Michigan are four times more likely to die from COVID-19 than white residents because of unequal economic and healthcare treatment and racism.

“We have a lot of work to do to eliminate the systemic racism that Black Americans have experienced for generations,” Whitmer said.

Implicit bias describes prejudices that unknowingly influence thinking and reaction to events and information. Whitmer earlier ordered implicit bias training for the state’s medical professionals, herself, and her executive staff.”

What a line of crap. There is no more eloquent way of putting it. Implicit bias is an assumption that, without conscientiously realizing it, a person has racist biases and prejudices that impact how they treat minority communities. The implicit bias tests like the ones being ordered to be taken by government employees by Whitmer are inherently flawed and subjective.

What is she going to do? Fire state employees based on a test that is based on assumptions of what is racist and what isn’t? Unless Governor Whitmer is a mind-reader who can peer into the minds of the state employees, there is no credence to her objective.

But Michigan wasn’t the only state to announce their plans to define racism as a public health emergency.

The Daily Wire reported, “In Nevada, Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak signed a proclamation on Wednesday that also declared that racism was a public health crisis.

‘Institutional and systemic racism has gone on far too long in this country and in this State. Based on research, we are taking a proactive approach in joining fellow leaders around the country to declare racism as a public health crisis,’ Sisolak announced. ‘I am grateful to be joined by the Nevada Legislature in recognizing that racism manifests in measurable ways, including in public health. I look forward to working with Nevada leaders and the Office of Minority Health and Equity on this critical issue.’”

We truly are living in the Twilight Zone and everything is stupid. First, those on the Left tell us we must abolish and defund the police. Then they tell us that any business who don’t live up to their woke standards must be boycotted and that any individual who doesn’t bend the knee to their mob must be canceled. Now, they tell us that racism is a public health crisis.

Where does this all end? Hopefully, there is a silent majority of Americans out there who are just too afraid to voice their disdain for these absurdities and will vote these Dems out of office in November.

God help us if they don’t because if they win, that would be a real public health crisis.