“Go woke, go broke…”

That seems to work for corporate America, as many companies have found out over the years and MLB and Coca-Cola are finding out now.

However, if there’s one place besides Hollywood that you can go woke and still continue to rake in millions of dollars, it’s the US federal government.

Actually, the more woke you get, the more money and adulation you get in both of these dramatic entities.

And yes, BOTH of them are theater. Politicians are nothing more than actors with a narrative and purpose. All of them. Political theater is one of the oldest forms of acting on the planet, and these people use their skills to elicit emotion in order to get people to support them or their cause.

The difference between Hollywood and DC, though, is that if you do your job well in Hollywood, you may get an Oscar.

In DC, if you do your job well, you get reelected.

Both professions come with their perks…

However, if you want even MORE perks in either job, one of the best things you can do is go woke.

Since Biden was sworn in, our government has gotten REAL woke.

By freezing or reversing almost all of Trump’s policies and executive orders, Biden has created all kinds of problems in the US. An estimated 11 million jobs were lost, gas prices are way higher, a crisis at the border is getting worse by the day, and higher taxes are imminent… but at least he doesn’t put out mean tweets, and he uses “nice” words to get his narrative accepted, so the Liberals lap it all up like dogs.

When You Expect Science – But Get Wokeness Instead

Biden’s cabinet appointments have been largely questionable, but many people actually praised the appointment of Dr. Rochelle Wolensky as the head of the CDC.

Most folks assumed that this doctor would use her extensive education and experience as the Chief of the Infectious Diseases division at Massachusetts General Hospital to successfully handle the pandemic and its aftermath.

But if that’s what you thought…you were wrong.

Apparently, Dr. Wolensky is more interested in wokeness than in ending the pandemic.


Because she’s launching a new initiative in the CDC called “Racism and Health,” which will shift some of the organizations focus onto recognizing, acknowledging, and creating solutions for the multiple ways that race can impact health.

Though, when you look at the issues they’re choosing to focus on—where people live, how clean the air they breathe is, what they eat, whether they work and if they do, what jobs they hold, and whether they rely on public transportation—it seems to be less about race and more about economic class.

It would be a lot better if it were framed as such. They even said it’s not about biology or genetics but those other factors that contribute to why people of color and lower socioeconomic status had higher rates of hospitalization.

Race Isn’t The Problem! Liberal Policy IS!

It’s not about color…

It’s about class…

And the Left doesn’t understand that their policies and their constant pushing of the victim mentality is what are keeping people of ALL colors from reaching their potential.

The biggest problem that Americans should have with this is that it’s the WRONG time to be focusing on “racial issues” (again, they’re CLASS issues, not race). We’re still in the middle of an actual pandemic and the virus is apparently mutating on a daily basis!

What the CDC should be focusing on is making sure ALL Americans—regardless of their race, color, economic status, or political ideology—have the information and tools they need to protect themselves from the disease (a disease that requires a test to tell you whether you actually have it or not, but I digress).

But no…

Dr. Wolensky wants to focus on the wokeness instead of a disease that is still ravaging our country.

Does that make sense to ANYBODY?

Expect a lot more of these kind of policy changes the more Biden’s appointees start working at their jobs.

Virtue signaling is what the Left is ALL about.

Too bad their focus isn’t on helping all Americans. What a novel idea that would be.


“The United States went from the undisputed leader in the “Idea Economy” to a censored and barren wasteland of “wokeness” in one generation.” ― A.E. Samaan