You know the United States is in trouble when Queen Elizabeth II, who presides over a Parliamentary Monarchy, implements more measures to secure the UK’s elections than the freest country in the world cares to do for their own.

The queen is reportedly set to introduce new measures to strengthen the UK’s election integrity in her Tuesday remarks to Parliament.

In her legislative agenda is the Electoral Integrity Bill, which requires legal voters to show photo identification before they will be given a ballot to vote.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson described the move as a “reasonable approach to combat” the potential for voter fraud in future elections.

“We think showing identification to vote is a reasonable approach to combat the inexcusable potential for voter fraud,” said the spokesman, according to The Epoch Times.

Justifying the legislation, he added that the requirement is in line with many other European countries that have adopted similar laws.

“Everyone wants to maintain the integrity of our democracy and this would bring us in line with not only Northern Ireland but countries such as Canada, many European countries including France, the Netherlands, Sweden—all require a form of identification to vote,” he continued.

It’s interesting to note that the spokesman did not include the United States as a country that requires photo identification to verify legitimate voters. And look what happened to our country in the 2020 presidential election as a result of our lack of election integrity measures.

It is “inexcusable” for any country that claims to have free and fair elections to fail in securing this vital component of democracy—the United States included.

If we want to see our country’s founding, which is rule of the people by and for the people, protected for decades to come, it is critical that we urge Congress to follow the UK’s lead.