Lost in the political chaos that was the Mueller report was the role Russia played in trying to hack election polls.

While the Left and the media were obsessing over the non-collusion between Trump and Russia — the actual interference by Russia was ignored.

This is a very serious problem that must be addressed. The Russians played the media and the Left for fools; they fell for the Putin trap. Putin has sowed discord in our political discourse that has the media chasing the wrong ball when they should be focused on actual nefarious plots by the Russians to hack our election polling stations.

Just this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was informed by the FBI of Russian attempts to hack into election networks in the Sunshine State.

Politico reported that, “The FBI provided information involving the attempted intrusion into Supervisor of Elections networks throughout the state. The FBI also provided assurance that investigators did not detect any adversary activity that impacted vote counts or disrupted electoral processes during the 2016 or 2018 elections, the bureau official wrote.”

This last time they were unsuccessful, but if we are not prepared in 2020, things could be different.

Governor DeSantis would not reveal what counties were affected in Florida. He was not allowed to divulge the information because he signed a nondisclosure agreement with the FBI and

Homeland Security.

The Russian effort to target Florida has been known for some time, but details have been sparse. In March, the state was singled out in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 elections, which concluded that at least one county in Florida had been breached.

DeSantis said, “There was no manipulation, or anything, but there was voter data that was able to be got.”

It’s Open Season on American Elections for Russia and China

While the media has been blinded by their hate for President Trump, the Russians and the Chinese have been preparing for the 2020 election. Both countries pose a serious threat to our national security, and the ultimate prize for them would be to manipulate the will of the American people.

These threats could be a threat to the Trump 2020 campaign, judging by recent world events.

Despite media reports that Trump is a Putin puppet, Trump has angered the Russians. He bombed Syria without notifying the Russian forces on the ground, he pulled out of the Reagan-era arms control treaty and he has imposed sanctions on Russians.

That has likely angered Putin and will give Russia plenty of motivation to be successful at altering the results of the election.

The Chinese are in a trade war with the Trump administration. Trump has placed 25% tariffs on $200 million worth of Chinese goods, and has threatened to up the ante on a further $350 million worth of goods.

The Communist Chinese regime is probably not real fond of Trump right now.

The media will still try to paint Trump as a stooge of the two regimes, when in reality, he has been brutally tough on the two repressive governments. He deserves credit for his actions. Those actions have made it more likely that the Chinese, Russians and other enemies of the U.S. will go to great lengths to hack our elections.

I hope our defenses are up. So far, I am skeptical.