Russian President Vladimir Putin is one of the worst tyrants on planet earth, and he is no friend of the United States. He has sowed discord in the United States by spreading disinformation and helping to perpetuate a hoax that led to a bogus two-year investigation into President Trump’s campaign. It was a complete waste of time that divided the nation, giving Putin exactly what he wanted all along.

Worse still, Putin is a coldblooded killer. He will kill with impunity to protect his power and to ensure that his lust for money and control is satisfied.

Fortunately, there are brave people like Alexey Navalny who are willing to risk their own lives to challenge Putin’s tyrannical regime. Putin has thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at Navalny—including poisoning him—but he continues to defy the Russian leader.

The New Yorker Magazine reported that “Alexey Navalny was one of the leaders of the mass protests against rigged elections that erupted in Russia in 2011 and 2012…

The Kremlin has tried to shut down Navalny and his organization through a series of court cases and arrests. But when Navalny was jailed in 2013, sentenced to five years on flagrantly trumped-up embezzlement charges, thousands of Muscovites protested and secured his release…

On August 20th, Navalny fell ill when returning to Moscow from the Siberian city of Tomsk. He was in a coma for twenty-six days, most of them in a hospital in Berlin. Analysis performed by multiple European labs shows that he was poisoned with a previously unknown version of Novichok, a deadly Russian-developed chemical agent. “

Despite the attempt on his life, Alexey Navalny told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that he will be returning to Russia to continue his campaign against Putin.

Vladimir Putin is a dangerous man who will kill anyone who crosses him. Over the years, his Russian henchmen have been known to have killed at least 15 people in England alone. This story is a real-life version of a spy novel.

The nefarious dictator ordered another one of his enemies killed earlier in the year, this time in France.

Business Insider reported, “French police believe that the killing of a blogger from the disputed Russian region of Chechnya in a French hotel room last week [In February of this year] was ‘politically motivated,’ a French police official briefed on the case said…

Aliev, who vocally opposed the Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead the next morning by hotel staff.

His throat had been slit.”

This is just one in a long series of suspicious killings throughout Europe that intelligence agencies believe can be traced back to Russia. The Russian hit squads serve as the muscle for Vladimir Putin’s vendettas against perceived threats to his power.

Great Britain has seen the most murders linked to Russia outside of the Mother Country itself.

A 2017 BuzzFeed News article detailed the activities of the Russian hit squads in-depth. BuzzFeed reported the following:

“The story of this ring of death illuminates one of the most disturbing geopolitical trends of our time – the use of assassinations by Russia’s secret services and powerful mafia groups to wipe out opponents around the globe…

The intelligence pointing to a campaign of targeted killings in Britain comes amid mounting international concern that the Kremlin is brazenly interfering in the West.

Russian assassins have been able to kill in Britain with impunity over the past decade, 17 current and former British and American intelligence officials told BuzzFeed News. The reasons for Britain’s reticence, they said, include fear of retaliation, police incompetence, and a desire to preserve the billions of pounds of Russian money that pour into British banks and properties each year. As a result, Russia is making what one source called increasingly ‘bold moves’ in the UK without fear of reprisals.”

Leaders in Europe want to impose sanctions on Russia for the attempted assassination of Navalny. President Trump hasn’t signed the US onto the agreement, but he should. Brave leaders like Alexey Navalny need the support of the United States. We stand for freedom for the oppressed. By signing the sanctions pledge, Trump would be defending our nation’s values.

That would be a very American thing to do.