Ok, now that the COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed, can we talk about punishing China for its role in unleashing this pandemic? Almost a year ago, we were told that calling it the “China Virus” was racist, but guess what? It’s the China Virus because…wait for it…it’s from China.

That’s not a xenophobic comment, either. The blame is directly at the feet of the Communist Chinese. They covered the virus up and failed to stop the spread. President Xi and his subordinates need to be punished. Also, these corporations and athletes working with the Chinese Communists are useful idiots for the Chinese, so well done, Lebron and company.

All along, people on both sides have blamed leaders like Trump, Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, or any number of other leaders for the deaths from COVID. We can debate their actions until we are blue in the face, but the ultimate blame belongs to the Chinese Communists. Of that, there is no doubt.

It is time to make them pay for their crime against humanity. I don’t mean start a war or drop bombs on the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, I mean hurt them where it hurts them most: Their economy. (I am just clarifying in case Google, Facebook, or anyone else in Big Tech is reading this.)

The Chinese hold onto power mostly because of the performance of their economy. As their economy goes, so goes their chances of remaining in power. Economic sanctions and banning certain businesses in China will make them pay a price for their incompetence and deceit.

China must pay for what they have done. I am normally not a big fan of government subsidizing companies to do their bidding, but there is an argument to be made that the government needs to do something to incentivize American manufacturers to relocate factories to the United States. This is a national security issue and the government wouldn’t be out of bounds to take drastic steps to alleviate the Chinese threat this time.

Sanctions can work to accomplish this end. Last year, a brief uprising took place in the streets of Iran after America imposed sanctions on the terrorist Iranian regime. Sadly, that uprising led to the death of over a 1,000—if not more—Iranian citizens.

Any revolution in China would be far bloodier, as evidenced by the Communist regimes’ actions to thwart the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Thanks to Google and other tech companies working with the regime to censor the details about those protests, no Chinese citizens can search for details of the event online.

Sanctioning China would cause short term pain in the world economy with prices for labor and goods guaranteed to rise. It would cause a great realigning of the world economy, but the pursuit of justice against China is worth it. The Chinese have gotten off too easily, and it’s time that the world collectively condemned the communist government’s actions.

If nothing is done to send China a message, they will become emboldened and only grow more dangerous. The world can’t let that happen.

They and other future countries who participate in this sort of coverup must be sent a message: Unleashing a pandemic on the world will never be tolerated. Not now, not ever!