The Left seems to think that the Right hates Joe Biden.

They claim that we don’t like the man simply because he’s a Democrat and “beat” Donald Trump in the election.

But they’re wrong.

We don’t hate Sleepy Joe; we feel sorry for him.

It’s obvious to us and the rest of the world that the man is in cognitive decline, rendering him mentally unfit to be involved at any level of our federal government, much less as the Leader of the Free World.

We think Joe should be at home in Delaware, under the care and watchful eye of his wife, Dr. Jill, and the rest of the family. See, we don’t hate him because it’s clear that he has mental deficiencies.

If we hate anything, it’s the fact that Joe is an empty vessel, a convenient megaphone for his Leftist handlers. He’s a political parrot that simply repeats whatever he is told to spout off via his little cheat sheets or an earpiece.

We don’t like the fact that Joe is under the control of people whose agenda is far different than what this former centrist used to push.

But do we hate the man?

No, most of us don’t—because there simply isn’t enough substance there to hate.

Is It THAT Crazy Of An Idea?

The funny thing is, when we share this hypothesis with Liberals, they tell us it’s a ridiculous idea, insisting that Joe is 100% fine—or at least on par with the mental capacity that Donald Trump possesses.

Now, I don’t know how they’re seeing something totally different than the rest of the world—but if you were to put money on a reason, it’d probably be a smart bet to put it on the bias, or maybe even straight-up denial. But deep down, though, they absolutely know the truth.

Joe Biden is an empty container that gets filled with talking points during his brief and rare appearances in public…and he may have just revealed that to be 100% true.

Recently, Sleepy Joe gave a VERY brief address on the North Lawn on to announce the CDC’s updated guidance on mask-wearing. The health agency has eased its guidelines on wearing of masks outdoors, saying fully-vaccinated Americans don’t need to cover their faces anymore unless they are in a big crowd (Never mind the science that says if you’re outside, masks are all but useless because the air dissipates and viral bodies can’t spread).

Of course, when Biden was done talking, the journalists in attendance started shouting questions at him, and Joe answered ONE question about the need for people to vaccinate and mask-wearing.

Joe Creates MORE Questions Than Answers

He then made another remark about masks and one about Vladimir Putin and his upcoming meeting…and then came the weirdest part.

Biden was asked a question about the crisis in India, where hundreds of thousands of newly diagnosed coronavirus infections are being reported every day. To this, he replied, “I’m sorry… this is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

Ummm, in trouble with WHOM, Joe?

Who is one of the most powerful men on the planet going to get in trouble with for simply doing his job and communicating his intentions and agenda with reporters?

If there’s any Liberal that doesn’t believe what we’re saying, here’s proof:

Joe absolutely said this, basically validating every critic who has said that he’s not in control of his administration or even his own actions.

Joe is nothing more than a pawn…

And if this video doesn’t validate that idea, it sure makes one wonder if it’s really true.

If Joe’s going to get in trouble, who’s he going to get in trouble with?

What kind of punishment will he receive?

Who is running Joe’s administration, really?

And when will the Left wake up to the fact that this man isn’t in control of anything, including himself?

So many questions…

So few answers.


“The wiser mind mourns less for what age takes away than what it leaves behind.” – William Wordsworth