The Proud Boys are getting a lot of attention this week.

After Joe Biden threw their name into the mix of white supremacist groups that Trump should denounce, the Left has all of a sudden become obsessed with the Proud Boys, decrying their ties to white nationalism and white supremacy.

Honestly, the way Chris Wallace phrased the question at the debate to include white supremacists and armed militias as ONE entity, then allowed Creepy Joe to join in on badgering Trump was truly disgusting—and for that alone, Wallace and Fox News should be ashamed.


It was the Proud Boys that Creepy Joe called out by name, and so, after openly saying he was willing to condemn white supremacists, Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by”—which of course the Left took to be some kind of racist dog-whistle.

And listen, if the Proud Boys were a white supremacist group, I’d agree with the Left’s outrage—but in reality, that claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you think that the Proud Boys are a white supremacist group…

Then you know NOTHING about the Proud Boys.

Who Are The Proud Boys?

The Proud Boys were started as a joke by Vice co-founder and satirist Gavin McInnes. The group was created to be the antithesis to the hipster, soy-boy, male feminists that were overrunning America during the first part of this decade.

The Proud Boys are a group of “Western Chauvinists” who promote the idea that Western society is the best and take pride in their country and the core Judeo-Christian values it was built on.

But, on a more practical level, it was created to let men get together in groups and have a few beers with the boys while getting to leave the wives and girlfriends at home. It was about being proud of manhood, hence the name. Any sort of political activist was secondary.

It attracted people from all kinds of different racial and cultural backgrounds. After all, it was just a bunch of guys who loved their country and wanted to get together to drink a few cold ones.


ANTIFA changed all of that.

ANTIFA has been actively trying to dismantle Western society and weaken the American male to the point of servitude…

And because of this, the Proud Boys—a drinking club that was started as a joke to anger feminists—became a legitimate political group that was in direct opposition to ANTIFA’s growing push to destroy America.

This opposition led to all kinds of violent interactions between them and ANTIFA—and since the Proud Boys are filled with real men, they were often able to get the better of their Liberal counterparts in these skirmishes.

Somehow, this led to the Southern Poverty Law Center designating them a “hate group,” even though they’ve RARELY been the aggressors. The Proud Boys have even sued the Liberal organization over that designation.

However, it was Creepy Joe’s false narrative at the debate calling the group white supremacists that has really got the Left out in full force against them.

The TRUTH About The Proud Boys

The thing is…

If they did just the SMALLEST bit of fact-checking, they’d learn a thing or two about the organization, like, for example, the fact that the national president, Enrique Tarrio, is an Afro-Cuban American from an immigrant family.

They’d also learn that the ranks of Proud Boys are chock full of people from multiple different races – Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Asian and, yes, White.

If they’re a white supremacist group, they’re the WORST white supremacist group in history because they seem to admit anybody of any color into their organization.

As far as what transpired on the debate, Tarrio had this to say about the whole affair, “I don’t see this as an endorsement by the President at all by any means. I think he was asked a very pointed question. I think the President was asked to disavow white supremacy – which he did two times – within the scope of that question. And I think Biden made a crucial mistake by naming our organization for him to disavow. We’ve been called many names, and probably the most inaccurate name that you can call us is ‘white supremacist.’ As you can see, as your views can see.”


What kind of white supremacist organizations has a person of color as their national president?

I’ll tell you…

There isn’t one that exists.

In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that white supremacy itself barely exists. You’ll find pockets of uneducated and ignorant individuals that may believe that, but by and large, the VAST majority of white America doesn’t support white supremacy. So it’s easy to see how a multi-cultural, multi-racial organization doesn’t either.

The Left is getting dumber…

They’re taking everything at face value, and that will be their downfall.

However, if somebody STILL believes that the Proud Boys are a white supremacist organization, then show them this video. See if it doesn’t change their mind:


“This isn’t a racist, sexist, homophobic hellhole. It’s the greatest country on earth. The West got this way with a whole lot of risk-taking, freedom, faith, families, and fatherhood. I’m not just going to sit by while the establishment media attacks those cornerstone values.” – Gavin McInnes