It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Democrats to continue denying the existence of voter fraud, especially when it’s linked to their top players – like Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Really, it is not at all surprising that the far-Left extremist, whose affection for this country is questionable at best, would be associated with more controversial scandals. Keep in mind this is the same person who married her own brother to leave Somalia and gain citizenship in the United States, which is otherwise criminally known as immigration fraud.

She is also the same person who refuses to admit that 9/11 was caused by Muslim extremists and instead simply describes the heinous attack on American soil as “some people did something.”

It is no surprise that her campaign would be fraught with fraud heading into the 2020 general election, but thankfully investigative journalist group Project Veritas is exposing it.

On Monday, Project Veritas released a compilation of footage showing voter fraud committed on a wide scale in relation to people who work with Ilhan Omar’s campaign. The shocking video showed campaign workers admitting to and describing the corruption.

When asked by Project Veritas, “Who is the one filling out the absentee ballots?” a current ballot harvester whose name was left anonymous confirmed, “people who work with like Ilhan Omar and other candidates work for them.”

The video shows one worker implicating himself by bragging about having what looked like hundreds of blank absentee ballots that he was ready to fake in favor of Democrats running in Omar’s district. The man excitedly said, “money is everything and a campaign is managed by money,” referring to his motivation.

Under Minnesota state law pertaining to elections, any one person is limited to harvesting three ballots at most in the event a person is unable to deliver their vote personally. To possess hundreds of illegal ballots could result in several years in prison as well as a hefty fine.

Other individuals in the video described how the ballot harvesting is essentially forced on residents of the Somali community. One person said they simply come to the doors of Somali people, demand their ballots, then tell them to stay home when election day comes. A former campaign worker said they don’t actually care “about any Somali,” only political gain.

A witness said alleged campaign workers reportedly tell residents, “this year, you will vote for Ilhan Omar,” then, “we sign the voting document, and they fill it out.” Workers prowl neighborhoods with bags of cash, which they give to mostly young people and women in exchange for their votes.

Omar campaign workers also commit fraud by carrying out one of the most common ways election fraud is known to occur – preying on the elderly. They go to senior homes and simply take ballots from them.

A former campaign worker said, “they took every ballot” away from seniors by simply “knocking on the door and saying, ‘Your ballots come? Give it to me.’”

Project Veritas’ successful attempt at getting multiple witnesses to expose fraud that occurs both on Omar’s campaign and within her district is already sparking investigations into Minnesota election fraud. Hopefully, this will help wake the American people up about the threat ballot harvesting poses to the 2020 election and more officials move to immediately implement safeguards ahead of voting day. If voter fraud is committed on a wide scale in the country, it could have severely detrimental implications if the radical Democrat ticket wins. We must work to prevent that at all costs.