Collectively as Conservatives, we should all give Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe, a hearty and heartfelt thank you.

At this point, they’re one of the few groups truly trying to make a difference for Right.

We get it…

Not everybody has the ability or the platform to do what this organization does—but it would be incredible if we had just a few more outlets that can do what O’Keefe has done.

If you remember, they’re responsible for exposing some of the harsh truths about Leftist organizations that liberals didn’t want revealed.

Besides the expose on Planned Parenthood and their evil and disgusting practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies to labs for research purposes, Project Veritas has also uncovered some incredibly shady practices by employees at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). In that undercover video, ACORN employees offered to help O’Keefe smuggle girls across the American border, resulting in the group getting their funding from the federal government cut.

Most recently, O’Keefe and company uncovered a story by a postal worker in Pennsylvania who was told to continue to collect ballots for the 2020 election AFTER November 3rd and then postdate them so they could be counted.

And these are just a handful of truths that Project Veritas has uncovered.

So, to say they’ve had an impact on our political system would be a huge understatement.

The Target Of Project Veritas Next Investigation

Well, with the 2020 election drama seeming to be over, O’Keefe and crew have a new target: Jeff Zucker and his baby, CNN.

As it turns out, a CNN insider got PV access to the news outlet’s daily calls, and they have been listening to them for MONTHS.

Finally, while sitting in on the call a few days ago, O’Keefe informed Zucker and the rest of the CNN staffers of his presence, letting them know that PV would be sharing what they learned about how the channel operates.

O’Keefe spoke up on the call, saying:

“Hey Jeff Zucker, are you there? Hey, this is James O’Keefe. We’ve been listening to your CNN calls for basically two months, recording everything. Just wanted to ask you some questions if you have a minute. Do you still feel you’re the most trusted name in news, because I have to say from what I’ve been hearing on these phone calls, I don’t know about that and we got a lot of recordings that indicate that you’re not really that independent of a journalist.”

Not that anybody is surprised…

But it’s about time that somebody did something about this company that has so many people snowed into thinking they’re a legitimate news source.

Zucker responded, “OK, thank you for your comments. So everybody, in light of that I think what we’ll do is we’ll set up a new system and we’ll be back with you.”

Then, after a slight pause, said, “We’ll do the rest of the call a little bit later.”


Better find a more secure way to push your agenda, Jeff.

Time To Fact Check The Fact Checkers

Before Zucker could hang up, O’Keefe informed him when he could hear those recordings on the Project Veritas website. “We’re going to release those recordings today at 7 o’clock, so stay tuned, it’s going to be fun.”

After the call had ended, O’Keefe talked to his followers, telling them what was in store for CNN, “It’s important that we hold accountable the mainstream media. The media has to be held to account. They are hurting the American people with their lies, their innuendo, their slander, the defamation, the hyperbole and I think Mr. Zucker is shaking in his boots right now. I think he’s very afraid of what might be coming.”

He should be…

And it’s time for the truth to be told about those we rely on to give us FACTS.

It’s time to fact-check the fact-checkers…

And Project Veritas is leading the charge.

Thank you, James O’Keefe. You’re a true patriot.


“Fake news is a big thing in the field of Social Media Journalism. Fake news can be as simple as spreading misinformation or as dangerous as smearing hateful propaganda.” – Fabrizio Moreira