Portland, Oregon, the Left’s experimental city for their most radical policies, has canceled the social justice warrior idea to “defund the police” after violence skyrocketed across the city.

This may come as a shock to liberals, but, as it turns out, the conservatives were right: Defunding the police doesn’t work.

Portland is “Exhibit A.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler announced Thursday he is making a one-time request of $2 million from the city to bring back police patrols due to a massive spike in homicides.

Are any of us surprised here?

This comes after the mayor cut $16 million from the police budget in 2020 when the “defund the police” movement was at its height following the death of George Floyd. Reductions included the elimination of a gun violence reduction unit, the Associated Press reported.

Portland was one of a few major cities across America that agreed to significantly cut police funding amid accusations that the institution of law enforcement as well as policemen themselves are beyond reform and must be abolished.

The Liberal haven also allowed an anarchist takeover to occur when ANTIFA members created an “autonomous zone” last summer that wasn’t dismantled until December 2020. The autonomous zone banned police, set up traps for unauthorized individuals who stepped into the zone, and was reported to have stockpiled weapons.

But the anarchy didn’t stop in 2020. ANTIFA is still terrorizing the city and setting “racist” buildings and monuments on fire.

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec posted a video of unrest in Portland from Thursday night.

When violent ANTIFA members are allowed to run amok, it’s no surprise that people are being murdered at alarming rates.

Since the original budget cuts last summer, gun violence skyrocketed in Portland. According to AP, there have been 20 homicides out of 278 total shootings in the first two and a half months of 2021 alone. 17 of those deaths were caused by shootings.

That’s a 2100% increase from the same time frame last year showing there was only one single homicide.

This staggering statistic prompted community members, including religious leaders and activists, to urge the city to take action to curb the out-of-control violence.

In a letter to the City Council, they requested officials re-instate the gun violence reduction unity that responded to shootings and employed violence prevention tactics.

The mayor told the community he would address their concerns by first asking the city to approve funding to combat the homicide epidemic. Wheeler said that he intends to bring back patrols but they will not be the same as those criticized before.

What this means for Portland is yet to be determined.