Have you have watched dominos fall?

Of course you have.

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to line up our dominos in intricate designs then push the first to watch them all fall. It may sound ridiculous to the kids of today, but it was fun for kids of my generation.

Anyone my age gets it, although nowadays the effect is largely just used for a metaphor.

And that metaphor applies perfectly to what we’re witnessing in America today.

The cities that have embraced the “defund the police” movement that was birthed from the George Floyd riots in 2020 are all experiencing some of the worst crime waves in their history.

Minneapolis and New York were some of the first and biggest to fall…but the cascade of dominoes has continued from there.

The crime rates in these cities are through the roof, particularly violent crime and murder, which have more than DOUBLED in the last year alone.

Of course, it should be noted that Minneapolis, New York, and, of course, Chicago, the shooting capital of the country, are all run by Democrats and have been for decades.

Citizens in these cities are no longer safe, and law enforcement is powerless to fight the crime epidemic, as police were told to stand down during the riots. Further complicating things, in NYC, suspects are released almost immediately after being arrested and processed due to the city’s bail reform policies.

If you’re a cop in one of these places, it’s most likely frustrating, demoralizing, and angering to be forced to sit on the sidelines and just let crime happen.

Thanks to the policies of the radical Left, all our law enforcement agencies can do is watch the dominoes fall.

Falling Like Dominos

New York and Minneapolis were the first to see the consequences of their actions, and now Portland, Oregon is following right behind them.

The Pacific Northwestern city has set a new record for the number of homicides in a year. The September 24th shooting death of Jacob Knight Vasquez became the city’s 67th murder, officially surpassing the record of 66 from back in 1987.

Vasquez lost his life when he was hit by a stray bullet inside a Portland pizzeria, prompting worry in many of citizens, for obvious reasons. On top of that, there are two months and change left in this year, meaning that the total is bound to go up.

Overall, the city has seen more than 1,000 shootings in 2021!

And those 1,000 victims were just the intended targets. An additional 314 bystanders were injured by stray bullets during these shootings, as was the case with Jacob Knight Vasquez.

It should come as NO surprise that this spike in crime and murder came right after the city’s police department budget was SLASHED when the Liberal leaders of the city embraced the “defund the police” movement.

The cops of Portland are struggling not just with shortages of personnel (caused by a massive increase in retirements and resignations) but also with severe limits on the authority of the few remaining officers. Those same Liberal city leaders have removed authority from the law enforcement with new legislation that restricts officers’ actions.

Just last week, more than 100 rioters in the city caused more than $500,000 in damage a “protest” that was labeled “night of rage and anger”—and the police could not intervene because of a new state law that restricts how they can actually respond to riots.

Police Are Powerless To Stop The Downfall

Police say the recently passed law ties their hands, as it prohibits police from using tried-and-true crowd control techniques like pepper spray or tear gas.

What are the police supposed to do now?

These cops were told to rely on follow-up investigations to hold rioters accountable.


How can a police force that is already running on fumes due to personnel shortages spare the manpower to investigate riots perpetrated by people all dressed the same with their faces covered?

These people have lost their minds.

And it’s why good people in Portland are leaving the city in droves.

Just like they’ve left California, New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in droves.

They’re not headed towards greener pastures…they’re headed towards REDDER pastures. States like Texas and Florida are getting an influx of people who are tired of Liberal leadership destroying their homes.

This is what happens when Liberalism is taken to the furthest extent.

The systematic destruction of our cities and then, eventually, our country as a whole.

This is what they want…and this is why we have to stop them.


“Portland needs a mayor who is going to take on the significant issues this city is facing.” – Ted Wheeler