The Portland protests continue well into their second consecutive month, and all while the mayor has been sitting pretty somewhere taking no action to quell the chaos. Perhaps Mayor Ted Wheeler thought he was the king of his castle while his Leftist army did his bidding for him. Wheeler learned the hard way that this is not the case when he decided to make an appearance like he was the savior of the protests.

On Wednesday night, Wheeler showed up to hold a “listening session” at the Black Lives Matter protests happening near the Multnomah County Justice Center. Wheeler gave a message of solidarity with those causing civil unrest and committing federal crimes.

He THANKED destructive protestors for coming out in support of “racial justice and equity” and opposing “the Trump administration’s occupation of our city,” referencing to Trump’s federal response to restore law and order in the city. Federal troops were deployed to Portland last weekend in order to prevent government buildings and monuments from being destroyed.

Lying to the crowd, Wheeler said what the government is doing is “unconstitutional,” arresting without “probable cause,” and people are not being told which agency is arresting them.

Before taking questions from the crowd, he tried to explain what the city is doing to meet the moment although he “understands that is not enough” for some. Wheeler advised them, “if we are not able to get the federal administration to back off or leave our city, it [sending federal troops in] will happen all across the United States [in Democrat cities], jeopardizing our United States Constitution.”

Although Wheeler said all kinds of ludicrous things in his speech, this might be his liberal way of trying to make the protestors feel like he is on their side, likely for his own personal safety and to start quelling the protests. It’s too little too late though, Ted.

Wheeler was not met with applause from the lawless protestors who were yelling throughout his short speech. He was booed by his anarchist constituents who have no respect for authority and will accept no compromise on their crazy demands. Several chants reportedly broke out, like “Tear Gas Teddy!”, “Do your job!”, and worse. One video shows the Mayor being escorted through a crowd while one person yelled, “F— Ted Wheeler!”

Other videos showed Wheeler being heckled by demonstrators calling him a “fascist,” blaming him for the tear gas and federal response.

Later in the night, Wheeler experienced tear gas that federal agents were spraying to disperse crowds. I say “experienced” and not “was hit by” because the video below shows him intentionally waiting for it to happen.

I can’t decide – was this simply a publicity stunt, or an attempt to gain brownie points with the “protestors?” Maybe both.

But he seems to miss the fact that no amount of empathy he tries to show will give him any street cred. These “protestors” aren’t informed enough to understand that their mayor has stood down and allowed them to act in an unruly fashion. They think they took over the streets against Wheeler’s will. They also think Wheeler sent in the federal troops to crack down on them.

Fact check: 1. Trump sent in the DHS and CBP troops, and 2. Without their liberal mayor, anarchist protests would not be happening.

The level of false information these people are acting on is seriously scary.

This is the problem. These Democrats keep treating these protestors and rioters as if they are informed, reasonable citizens – they’re not. Nothing these people have done in Portland for the past 50 nights indicates that they are level-headed individuals looking for change. Wheeler can’t expect them to listen to him – a white male in a position of power who works for the institutions they hate. Maybe now that he sees how much contempt they have for him, he will change his tune on allowing the chaos to continue.