Portland is burning…

For the past few years, the Pacific Northwest city has been a hot bed for protests and confrontations between the far-Left and far-Right factions that seem to call Portland “home.”

The interactions between ANTIFA and Right-leaning Patriot Prayer have ramped up over that timeframe, with physical confrontations becoming more and more common.

The city seems to be locked in a perpetual state of turmoil, with members of the far-Left attacking people in the streets for simply trying to drive down the road they’re trying to “occupy” — or by literally spitting in the face of authorities.

Over that time, Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, has been a thorn in ANTIFA’s side. He’s been one of the saner and calmer voices in the all-but-all-out political war that’s been happening.

His Patriot Prayer group has been at every rally and protest in the city as a counter to ANTIFA and their misguided agenda of fighting imaginary fascism with REAL fascism.

Many attempts have been made to squash the beef stew that has been brewing between these two organizations…

With leadership of the Left refusing to sit down at the table with Patriot Prayer, claiming they don’t parlay with “fascists, racists, bigots, or nationalists.”

No Peace for Portland

Little by little, day by day … the city has descended further and further into chaos.

Between the two factions, has been the besieged and beleaguered police departments of Portland, trying to reduce the tension and keep a modicum of peace…

A job made incredibly hard by ANTIFA, whose members see no difference between the police and the conservatives they’re constantly trying to discredit — if not, destroy.

After years of these confrontations, the police have had enough. They are seemingly going to let this problem sort itself out in the streets as Clackamas County Sheriff, Craig Roberts, has just pulled his officers from responding to any calls in the city.

As much as this move sounds ill-advised, it’s hard to argue with Roberts’ logic. His officers offer support to Portland police, but he can no longer spare the manpower.

The Bed is Made, Lie in It

In an email to his officers, Roberts wrote: “As sheriff, your safety and the safety of the Clackamas County residents remain my top priorities. Our work is dangerous enough without adding unnecessary risk when responding to calls for services in the city of Portland.”

Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, tried intervening by talking Sheriff Roberts out of his decision — but to no avail.

Though Roberts said that he will not be responding to any calls in the city, he did reiterate that he, nor his deputies, would leave their brothers in blue unprotected.

He continued: “I also want to make this clear … We will always respond to help any officer from any agency in immediate need of assistance.”

Why are Clackamas County deputies having to share Portland’s load?

Lack of manpower…

Mayor Wheeler revealed this in a post: “The reason the Police Bureau is experiencing catastrophic staffing shortages, drastically declining recruiting success, and the inability to retain officers is due to one core issue: the intense anti-police sentiment in our City that City Council seems to share.”

That is a SCATHING commentary on his city’s elected officials.

Can you guess WHICH side of this debate is responsible for the anti-police sentiment?

Here’s a hint: They wear black hoodies and cover up their faces for fear of being recognized in their everyday lives.


Neither the ACLU nor the SPLC will label ANTIFA a “hate group.”

Well, if Portland burns, we’ll know why.


We’ll know who’s responsible.


“Knowledge can never imprison you, but you can be captive to your ignorance.”
― A.E. Samaan