Somewhere, the ghost of Maximilien Robespierre is smiling about what’s going on in the United States of America.

Robespierre is one of the driving forces of the French Revolution and its bloody aftermath. He had a few good ideas, such as the abolition of slavery and the idea of citizens’ rights—but those aren’t the things he’s remembered for. Instead, it was the violent way he went about trying to enact social change that defined his legacy—a legacy that ended with him trying to commit suicide before ultimately meeting his end on the mechanism he once used to eliminate enemies of the Revolution: the guillotine.

Before we get into the significance of the guillotine, let’s just talk a moment about social change and the right way to go about it.

See, if there is one thing to be said about social change, it’s that revolutions rarely if ever accomplish those changes, and they’re certainly not the best way to do it.

Violence should ALWAYS be a last resort in enacting change, not the first choice. It doesn’t create a fast path to change; it only inserts more roadblocks.

If social change is to be LASTING change, it needs to happen incrementally so it gives people time to adjust. Something that happens violently and overnight will throw people’s lives into chaos.

With that in mind, the protests over George Floyd’s were 100% justified. Police brutality against a human being of ANY race, color, or creed should not be tolerated, and thousands of people took to the streets to prove that point.

However, the very moment that many of these protesters crossed the line to violence and thievery (that’s what looting is) is the moment those protests lost their voice.

At first, there was support from BOTH sides of the aisle, but when the extremists and opportunists decided to take it a step further, making it a political issue instead of a social one, that bipartisan support vanished quickly.

Fear And Intimidation Tactics From The Radical Left

But it seems like crossing that line from influence and conviction to violence wasn’t enough for them.

Now, they’ve taken to fear and intimidation, and they’re bringing their message from the cities to the suburbs in the worst possible way in the political hotbed of Portland—which brings us back to the guillotine.

Violent rioters, who claimed to be “peaceful protestors,” attacked police in Portland after marching through a suburb area carrying shields, weapons, laser pointers, and…

A dadgum guillotine.

Yes, the “peaceful protestors” marched through the suburbs with a machine designed to efficiently decapitate a human.

If the point they were trying to make was that they’re willing to kill for their Marxist principals, then they can consider that message received loud and clear.


A guillotine.

They marched this death machine through the suburbs while one idiot screamed into a bullhorn that residents in the area needed to provide the rioters with shelter because she claimed that the rioters were protecting them.

The woman blared from her bullhorn, “What are you doing to protect your neighbors, people in their houses?”

Meanwhile, another idiot screamed,  “Get in the f**king streets!”

“There is safety in numbers,” she continued. “We protect you every night by being out here. Please come and protect us. Make sure you are offering us refuge. We are tired and yet we are still out here. We are simply asking for one night, one hour.”

After intimidating people in the middle of the night…

They concluded with bringing the guillotine to a Portland police station burning American flags on it.

This is the message they’re sending. They hate America and are willing to KILL in order to get what they want.

If that’s not terroristic, then somebody must have changed the definition of that word—and knowing Leftist tactics, that might not be an unreasonable assumption. There is a difference between a fighting oppression and trying to enact it.

Marxism IS oppression…

And the fact that these people don’t realize it is absolutely mind-boggling. That’s how that philosophy has worked out EVERY time it’s been tried.

The problem is, they won’t learn until they experience it.

And that ain’t gonna happen on our watch…

Now that you see how far they’re willing to go, we have to be ready for them to escalate it further.

Protect yourselves out there…


“Terror is only justice: prompt, severe, and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.” – Maximilien Robespierre