In this episode, the FreedomWire team discusses the Left’s latest disinformation campaign targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Media coverage and online posts are blaming DeSantis for high death rates—but is all this an effort to deflect from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lying about his own death rates to avoid federal investigations?

The team breaks down the objective data that easily proves Governor DeSantis made better decisions than Andrew Cuomo and many other Liberal Governors—all while keeping the Florida economy humming. Compared to the numbers out of most other states, Florida has been doing surprisingly well. But with as bad as Cuomo’s numbers actually are—many of which can be attributed to his nursing home decrees—why is the Liberal-friendly media giving him a pass on all of this?

Also covered: Will DeSantis announce a run for president in 2024? Will the Left even let him?

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