Is there actually anything to be proud of this Pride Month?

In this episode, the FreedomWire Team marks the start of Pride Month by discussing how the Left has taken its LGBT propaganda to a whole new level. Activists are rewriting everything we know about gender, sexuality, and basic biology…and their new target audience is the next generation. With kids shows hosting animated Pride Parades, celebrities pushing nonconformist lifestyles, and a media that’s cheering it on, how can we stop our kids from being irreparably damaged?

At the same time, Ron DeSantis kicked off Pride Month with a bill securing women’s rights by banning transgender athletes from high school sports. But why was this legislation met with such vocal criticism…particularly from the people who claim to support women? Are all the Pride Month festivities meant to be a colorful disguise for an aggressive, borderline evil movement?

The “Blue’s Clues” Video that has people in an UPROAR:

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