In this episode, the FreedomWire team discusses the Democrats’ ongoing rapid-fire attacks against the American political system. In the last few weeks, Dems have introduced bills to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, and even make Washington DC the 51st state. What makes each and every one of these plans nothing more than a Leftist power grab? Why are these plans so dangerous to our way of life? And how can the American people survive this Liberal Blitzkrieg?

With the Left pushing to make DC into a new state, the team also discusses the ramifications of this decision. Democrats want a Liberal SCOTUS, mob rule, and more Democratic representation in the Senate, and this is just another step in the process. But would adding a new state in the Capitol actually violate the US Constitution?

Also covered: what the 2020 census tells us about the future of our nation’s politics.

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