In this episode, the FreedomWire team discusses the new voting laws in Georgia and explores the Left’s false narrative that these laws are racist and reminiscent of Jim Crow. As Georgia works to strengthen its electoral system and fill the loopholes that caused problems in 2020, Democrats everywhere—including Biden himself—are saying that voter IDs and ending no-excuse absentee ballots constitute a racist attack on minority voters. But is the bill actually driven by racism, or are these criticisms motivated by something else?

The team also talks about how MLB has gone “woke” and moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta in an act of protest, joining Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola in boycotting the Peach State. Corporate America as a whole is going “woke” as more and more companies buy the Left’s lie about Georgia…but where will it end? And how can the Right fight back?

Also covered: The Left’s ultimate goal is a move towards globalism, and there is nothing that will make them content or happy until that happens.

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