A former Facebook employee with insider knowledge is blowing the whistle on Big Tech…but is this story just a cover for the final push to destroy free speech?

In this episode, the FreedomWire team breaks down the revelations brought forward by Frances Haugen, the Facebook-employee-turned-whistleblower who has been dominating headlines all week. Haugen claims Big Tech deliberately manipulates content and knowingly allows harm to come to users…but her announcements might have an ulterior motive. Between her calls for MORE censorship, her shady legal team, and the media’s willingness to cover her story, is Frances Haugen pulling back the curtain just to pull the wool over our eyes?

And with Facebook mysteriously going dark for seven hours the day before Haugen’s testimony—losing BILLIONS of dollars in the process—what else is there to discover about Big Tech’s underhanded operations?

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