The trial of Derek Chauvin was one of the biggest criminal cases of the last decade…but there may have been more going on behind the scenes than we knew. In this episode, Connor, Ryan, and Grace unpack the shocking revelation that one of the jurors was an open and devoted BLM activist who lied his way onto the jury. This assault on due process and rule of law is a threat to EVERY American…so why is it going totally unreported? Is it because no one is willing to challenge the narrative? Or is it because this is exactly what the Left wants?

The team also breaks down the radical Left’s intentional and coordinated attack on the American justice system. From celebrities and politicians weighing in on criminal cases to the national effort to vilify police, the Left is making great strides towards overturning our system and implementing their own. The US Constitution is the ONLY thing standing in the Left’s way…so how can we defend it from them?

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