In this episode, the FreedomWire team discusses the incredible surge of illegal immigrants that have come across the Southern border since the beginning of the year. Are things as bad as they’ve always been, or did the inauguration of Joe Biden make the situation substantially worse? Biden’s decision to freeze or reverse Trump policies led to this mess, and now the current administration (including Kamala Harris, who was supposed to be handling this) has done NOTHING to resolve the issue. But is there any part of that blame that lies with Trump, or does it all fall on Joe Biden himself?

The team also covers about how this crisis is accomplishing exactly what the Left (and also China) wanted all along. Our country has been weakened and our resources have been spread thin, leaving us vulnerable. But what’s the endgame here…and how can we stop it? Also covered: how the Left is controlling the narrative and using buzzwords to trigger SJWs into hating common-sense conservative solutions.

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