It has been a rough two and a half years for May. She took office following the resignation of former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron stepped down as prime minister following the U.K. referendum in which British voters chose to leave the European Union (EU).

May took office with the mandate of pulling the U.K. out of the EU in what became known as “Brexit.”

She has not carried out her mandate.

And that has members of her own party planning for her exit as PM.

The BBC reported that “Theresa May has promised to set a timetable for the election for her successor after the next Brexit vote in the first week of June.”

The agreement follows a meeting between the prime minister and senior Tory members of Parliament (MPs), who are demanding a date for her departure from Downing Street.

If she loses the vote on her Brexit plan, which has already been rejected three times, sources told the BBC she would resign.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has said he will run for PM once Mrs. May goes. The prime minister survived a confidence vote by Conservative MPs at the end of last year, and party rules mean she cannot formally be challenged again until December. But Mrs. May has come under increasing pressure to leave Downing Street this summer, amid the Brexit impasse and poor results for the

Conservatives in the recent local elections in England.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said senior sources told her it was inconceivable the prime minister could remain in office if MPs rejected her Brexit plans for a fourth time.

May Has Herself to Blame for Losing Her Job

Teresa May has herself to blame for her impending doom. She was elected to carry out the will of the British people. Her No. 1 objective as prime minister was to carry out Brexit.

She has failed.

May has negotiated three deals with the EU to secure a smooth and orderly transition with the European economic bloc. All three deals were rejected by the British Parliament.

May called a quick election last year to try and increase her Conservative majority in the government; the decision backfired. The Conservative Party lost more seats than it gained in the snap election, which furthered the troubles of the prime minister.

It has gotten so bad for May that she has had to offer to resign in order to get a Brexit deal through Parliament.

You know you are doing a bad job when you have to offer your resignation as a negotiating carrot.

Last month, May told a group of Conservative lawmakers that, “I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intend in order to do what is right for our party and country.”

There are similarities between Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as president in America.

Voters in both countries rejected the establishment forces who lectured them about how they should behave and what they should believe. National sovereignty was a key issue in both as well.

Britain wanted to have a say in how they were governed. They wanted to be governed by the British Parliament, not the EU Parliament.

Unfortunately for Britain, their leader is not delivering for them what the leader of America is delivering for Americans.

She will suffer the consequences of her inaction in due time.