I’ll start off by saying I stopped reading Playboy in the late aughts.

I was a fan at one point…and no, not because of the pictures. The magazine itself was great too. The actual articles were informative and the interviews were both entertaining and hard-hitting.

Playboy was a LEGITIMATE publication that I enjoyed reading to the point that it was one of my only magazine subscriptions.

However, something happened in the 2000s.

The “meat” of the magazine gradually began to disappear, likely with Hugh Hefner trying to cut down on the cost as Playboy’s popularity declined in the years prior to his death.

People had the internet at that point, and if they wanted either news and entertainment articles or pictures of nude women, they didn’t need to go and embarrassingly buy an issue at their local bookstore. Thanks to easy internet access, people could simply pull up a web browser and see all there was to see with just a couple of key strokes.

For people like me, who actually read the magazine, we stopped subscribing because we were getting less of what we really wanted out of Playboy for the money we were spending.

Eventually, I cancelled my subscription and I really haven’t thought of it much since then.

However, every once in a while, the magazine comes up in conversation…and each time it does, it’s for a worse reason than the time before.

Print media might be on its last legs…but Playboy is heading downhill faster than most.

Playboy’s New Woke Agenda

Many may not remember this, but back in 2017, Playboy made waves with the bold, woke, and highly controversial decision to feature the magazine’s FIRST transgender Playmate, French model Ines Rau.

What stunk about that was the fact that it happened just WEEKS after the death of the magazine’s iconic founder, Hugh Hefner.

But as annoying as that was, we knew it was coming eventually. The media was getting more and more woke, so a transgender in Playboy was simply par for the course.

It couldn’t get worse for this former “gentleman’s” magazine, could it?

Well, this is 2021… of course it can.

In the latest issue, the magazine is celebrating their first-ever male cover model, beauty influencer Bretman Rock—and the Left is hailing it as a milestone for the LGBTQ community.

The photo and accompanying video show Rock posing in Playboy’s traditional bunny costume, complete with requisite rabbit ears, bushy tail, and high heels.

While this may be seen as a “win” for LGBTQ, it’s certainly a loss for tradition.

This is simply the same woke disease that has infected almost EVERY media outlet over the past 15 years.

What’s terrible about this is that it’s going to create resentment against the LGBTQ community amongst the diehard subscribers that still see Playboy as a slice of Americana—and it’s not their or Bretman Rock’s fault.

This is the magazine trying to gain virtue signaling points and publicity for being open to putting a man on the cover, and everyone can tell that they really don’t care about the LGBTQ community itself.

But their plan is working, because here we are, talking about it.

Of course, Rock’s not doing himself any favors with his statement on the cover either. The beauty and style influencer said, “For Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBT community, for my brown people community and it’s all so surreal. A total ‘is this even f**king happening right now?’ type of vibe. And I’m so pretty.”

Here’s the thing: Playboy, which has always leaned more Left on politics and social issues, has DEFINITELY gotten more “woke” since Hefner stepped down from the company—and somewhere, Hugh is probably rolling over in his grave.

Because while he may have been a Liberal at heart, he knew his audience, and he knew for a fact that his audience doesn’t want men.

That may be why it’s a GOOD thing that Playboy shut down its print side of the business last year, after nearly seven decades as one of America’s premier publications.

We’re sure that Hef wouldn’t like to see what his baby turned into.

And it’s better that the heart of the company died with him. What’s running around right now ISN’T Playboy. It’s just some woke rag CALLING itself Playboy.

That explains why they need publicity stunts to garner attention.

What a shame…


“I think the Playboy philosophy is very, very connected to the American dream.” – Hugh Hefner