Planned Parenthood continues to be blatantly in cahoots with the corrupt Democrat Party, despite pro-life advocates having exposed them for their abhorrent practices of selling baby limbs on the black market. What’s worse—aside from the fact that Planned Parenthood makes thousands, if not millions, from selling parts from aborted babies to foreign countries—is that the Democratic Party welcomes Planned Parenthood’s support with open arms. The Democrats are happily accepting blood money to support their nominee’s campaign against Trump in 2020.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood Action Fund released a video on Twitter endorsing Democrat Nominee Joe Biden for president. The abortion provider captioned their endorsement “Donald Trump is putting our lives at risk every single day he remains in office. In this election, we have a clear choice: four more disastrous, damaging years or an opportunity for real change and leadership. Today @PPact endorses @JoeBiden for President of the United States.”

In response to the announcement, Biden reaffirmed his mutual support, stating he is “proud to stand with them in this fight,” and will work to increase access to “reproductive health care.”

This comes after an NPR report last year revealed that the abortion provider is planning to raise at least $45 million for Biden’s campaign, which is about 50% more than they spent four years ago.

Acting president of Planned Parenthood Alexis McGill Johnson described the upcoming vote as “literally a life and death election,” where the provider’s support serves, “to do everything we can to get him [Trump] out of office.” Life and death…an ironic choice of words for a company that commits 40% of all abortions. It’s disgusting that they have the audacity to attempt to determine what is or isn’t worthy of life.

In response, Jeanne Mancini, the president of pro-life advocacy group March for Life, said she believes it’s offensive for the abortion provider “that claims the lives of 345,672 American babies annually…call the 2020 cycle a ‘life and death’ election.” She warned that electing Joe Biden “will result in a major increase of tax dollars going to the billion-dollar organization, including direct payment for abortions, among other deadly consequences.”

Let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood’s abortion services are rooted in founder Margaret Sanger’s support for eugenics. Sanger praised abortion as a way to limit the growth of the black population. According to the CDC’s most recent U.S. Abortion Surveillance Report, non-Hispanic black women had the highest abortion rate by far at 38%, while that of white women fell just short of that around 35%. This is a massively disproportionate number of black women who are receiving abortions, as blacks make up only 12% of the entire U.S. non-Hispanic population, while whites are 61%.

Joe Biden is accepting donations from an organization that not only sells baby organs but was founded by Sanger who said, “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”

If Biden cared about any life, especially those of the black community he panders to so much, he would reject the dirty money Planned Parenthood is committing to supporting his election. This move just goes to show how the depths of how low he will stoop just to raise campaign funds, and how open he is about supporting racism.