Can you believe that, in the 21st Century, it’s now considered oppressive or racist to say “all lives matter”?

Who’d have thought that believing “life matters” could be so divisive and controversial?

Apparently, though, if you’re on the Left, the only lives that matter are those of minorities (meant in the purest sense of the term, not just people of color) in communities that don’t have as much of a voice due to their relatively smaller size.

Of course, you’ve got to discount the lives of unborn babies, since Liberals are all for the murdering of those lives still in the womb, and for some reason, they feel a fetus is part of a woman’s body even though it has completely different DNA.

But let’s forget about that for now…

Let’s look at the lives they do care about—or at least the ones that health officials in Pennsylvania are concerned with right now.

Trying to get in line with the racial division that’s going on in our country, the Pennsylvania Department of Health released their “Ethical Allocation Framework for Emerging Treatments of COVID-19” guidelines—and it’s eye-opening, to say the least.

Now, before we get into what the actual guidelines are, it’s important to know what kind of agency we’re dealing with. This is the same Pennsylvania Department of Health that decreed on May 12 that nursing homes “must continue to take new admissions, if appropriate beds are available, and a suspected or confirmed positive for COVID-19 is not a reason to deny admission.”

PDH: A Legacy Of Terrible Decisions

You know, the same kiss of death that Andrew Cuomo bestowed upon the old and infirm in New York? Yeah, that turned out well, seeing that almost 70% of the COVID fatalities in Pennsylvania were of patients from nursing homes.

Yet nobody seems to be talking about that, are they?

You’d think that after a boneheaded declaration like that, they’d have tried to find a way to redeem themselves and do something that saved lives instead of ending them…

And you’d be wrong.

The PDH’s “Ethical Allocation Framework for Emerging Treatments of COVID-19” does the exact OPPOSITE, and it may be putting MORE lives in danger.

Which lives?

Oh, more than likely those with the ability to afford the treatments as opposed to those who won’t be able to pay any kind of hospital bill in a timely manner.

If you’re wondering what we’re implying here, let’s clear that up.

Pennsylvania’s health department has dictated how facilities should ration out the limited supply of Remdesivir, a drug that’s had great success at combatting COVID-19 so far.

See, there’s not a lot of this drug to go around yet – and given that situation, some kind of “triage” is necessary to dictate which citizens get the drug and which do not…

A “first come, first serve” basis or a random lottery isn’t acceptable, so the PDH is recommending that healthcare workers use a “weighted” lottery system that takes “community benefit” into account.

And what are the three areas weighted most?

If You’re White And Rich – Don’t Get COVID

Belonging to a disadvantaged community, being an essential worker, and the likelihood of death in the next year.

“Essential workers?” That’s pretty easy to determine, and so is the likelihood of death happening in the next year…

But how does a healthcare worker determine if a dying COVID patient is a member of a “disadvantaged community”? Don’t worry: the PDH gives an answer to that question as well.

According to the guidelines themselves and because “low-income communities and certain racial/ethnic minorities” are being “disproportionately” affected by COVID, those groups should get more benefits…

According to those same guidelines, “the rationale is that a core goal of public health is to redress inequities that make health and safety less accessible to disadvantaged groups.”


You’d have thought the main goal of public health was… well, PUBLIC health – meaning the overall wellness of the ENTIRE community in an area.

Apparently this doesn’t apply in Pennsylvania, which is using the emergency room as just another way to divide the country by trying to

mitigate “the structural inequities that cause certain communities to bear the greatest burden during the pandemic.”

And they wonder why Conservatives are so against socialized healthcare?

Look what happens when these people are in control?!

If you happen to be a successful white Pennsylvanian and contract COVID-19, do yourself a favor and go to a hospital in Ohio or maybe West Virginia…

Because if you decided to go to one in your own state, you’ll find yourself on the bottom of the barrel and may never leave on your own two feet.

Things aren’t getting better…

They’re getting worse.

This is exactly why we need another four years of Trump…

Because if he can’t fix this, nobody will. Especially NOT Creepy Joe Biden.

This is bad, folks…

Yet, it’s a great commercial for why socialism sucks. We’ve got to take the good with the bad, right?


“Concepts of triage and medical rationing are a barometer of how those in power in a society value human life.” – Sheri Fink