Do you remember all the fanfare that Pete Buttigieg received when he burst onto the scene during the runup to the 2020 election? Even in the packed field of DNC hopefuls, he became one of the mainstream media’s darlings because he checked a LOT of their most important boxes.

Ex-military, Rhodes scholar, gay, son of an immigrant, Catholic, life-long Liberal…the quintessential poster boy for the modern DNC. The only thing he’s missing is being a minority.

But even so, he went from unknown to frontrunner practically overnight.

However, during his rise to that newfound popularity, you’d think that people would have looked into the way he was running his hometown of South Bend, Indiana as the city’s mayor. After all, the guy wanted to be president, and he was one of the few candidates with actual executive experience. Had anyone bothered to check, they might have been a bit less eager about raising Mayor Pete to stardom.

One of South Bend’s biggest problems was policing and race relations…and to solve it, Buttigieg REMOVED the Black police chief and replaced him with a White candidate, causing friction in the community.

On local told CNBC, “Ain’t s–t changed. … How is he gonna run the whole country if you can’t get your city right first?”

That was back when he was running for the presidency…

Luckily for us, he lost that bid – but Joe Biden, the eventual victor, made sure to reward the former mayor for his endorsement, giving him a nice, high-profile job as the Transportation Secretary.

However, much like the job in South Bend, “Mayor Pete” seems to be in over his head, and now our national transportation grid is breaking down.

Mayor Pete Is In Over His Head

The biggest problem facing national and global trade right now is the fact that we’ve got almost 150 ships floating off the coast of California and dozens more off the coast of New York waiting to unload their cargo. These ships hold supplies that Americans need, but the process is being held up by COVID red tape and lockdown restrictions.

This clogging of our harbors has some experts are saying that we’ll be paying MORE money during the holiday season than ever before—and not just on gifts. This price hike will also affect food and other perishable goods as well.

A big chunk of this problem falls on Mayor Pete’s lap because it’s within his purview as the Transportation Secretary…and do you know what he’s been saying about it?

Nada… nothing… ZIP.

In fact, Buttigieg has been uncharacteristically quiet over these clogged and congested ports, and people are saying that if he ever wants to try is hand at another presidential run, then he’d better start addressing the problem before shipping delays break the entire system beyond repair.

Because that’s where we are now…

Our entire supply chain is on the brink of collapse, with COVID restrictions that differ from country to country and a shortage of dockworkers and truckers to transport items creating a perfect storm that could make the cost increases we’ve already seen under Biden feel like chump change.

If the crisis blows up like experts are predicting, the prices that could be on the horizon are nothing short of astronomical.

What Will The Biden Administration Do?

How bad is it?

Well, the Marine Exchange of Southern California reported 144 ships in Southern California’s San Pedro Bay last week, 85 of which are simply floating around out there waiting to be unloaded after already getting the green light from inspectors.

And this congestion has been building for MONTHS!

Of course, the Biden White House has been giving the same answer they’ve given on everything bad in the economy. Mayor Pete’s office put out a statement that basically says: “it’s transitory.”

But this “transitory period” has been stretching on for months now, and Mayor Pete is about as present on this as Joe Biden is present at a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister.

There’s been nothing since July.

No statements, no solutions, no press conferences…


This is a MAJOR problem for America right now, and the people we’re supposed to count on for those answers are being silent.

But are we surprised?

The same could be said with the southern border, the same could be said about our relationship with China, the same could be said about COVID…

This administration is the most private, least transparent White House we’ve seen in years.

They all take their lead from a guy that has continued to run away since he got sworn in back in January. We should come to expect this lack of information…but that doesn’t make it any less of a bad precedent to set.

But what can we do?


“In other words, it’s not just about recognizing and cataloguing and publicizing all the things that are going wrong; it’s about modeling and celebrating the alternative.” – Peter Buttigieg