You’ve got to love Liberals.

They’re thoroughly entertaining in the most non-deliberate ways. It’s like a never-ending, yet voyeuristic comedy channel. They’re so unaware of their ludicrousness it almost feels “dirty” watching them.

They seem utterly clueless about how ridiculous they are…which is great for me, since I get to laugh whenever I want to. I simply turn on the news or go to YouTube and before you know it, I’m laughing out loud while watching Liberals be completely insane.

The problem is that, most of the time, my laughter quickly turns into rage. Most of the Liberals that entertain me are lawmakers and politicians, and my laughter descends to ranting when I remember that these people are shaping my country and my future.

However, sometimes what they put out is so ridiculous that the laugh is worth the possibility of getting angry enough to punch my computer screen.

Take, for example, good ol’ Mayor Pete.

Pete Buttigieg made a name for himself as an incompetent mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

However, he had bigger aspirations. He wasn’t satisfied with NOT fixing the city that elected him, and he set his sights on NOT fix America as a whole, so he decided to run for President of the United States in the DNC Primaries.

Tragically for him, he didn’t do too well, and got hammered by the more experienced states-people standing next to him on the stage. He even got railed by Biden… which is saying something.

But after his 2020 victory, Biden showed mercy on the guy and gifted him a position in his administration, making Mayor Pete the new Transportation Secretary.

Two months in, Buttigieg already made a hilarious gaffe…

He was caught pulling his bike out of the back of an SUV to make a show of riding his bike to his office in DC – political theater at its best (or worst, depending on whether you’re a supporter of the guy or not).

Watch this hilarity for yourself:

Anyway, Buttigieg seems like he’s just happy to be there since he now gets to be a part of the swamp—which seems like it’s everything he ever wanted.

So, now, while doing his job for Sleepy Joe, he’s looking to push Biden’s infrastructure plan, and in a recent interview, he said something that should make any logical person want to scratch their heads.

In an interview, Mayor Pete said, “The U.S. shouldn’t be too proud to learn from other countries, especially now that we’re out of the top 10 [ranked countries for infrastructure], I always want to see the U.S. No. 1.”


What countries are those, Pete?

Buttigieg: “Let’s Follow China’s Lead”

He continued, “We need to be keeping up with all of our competitors — whether it’s a strategic competitor like China, whether it’s our allies in Europe. We should be doing the best.”

Ahhhh… like China?

We should be more like China when it comes to infrastructure?

Well, that MUST mean that Mayor Pete is cool with slave labor!

It was LITERALLY just announced that China may be using imprisoned Uyghurs to build solar panels for the country.

Are these the kinds of renewable energy jobs that Biden keeps promising? Because if they are, he can keep them. I’d rather our citizens get good-paying jobs instead of becoming FREE and exploited labor for the betterment of the state.

Pete looking to China for tips on how to improve America’s infrastructure would be like Biden looking to Mussolini for making sure all of our trains run on time.

This is the kind of stuff you can’t make up.

Liberals are, as always, clueless to the fact that they have no idea what’s going on with the world. To be honest, I’d be surprised if Mayor Pete even knew about the plight of the Uyghurs.

I guess we’ll have to wait till it becomes an issue for the Left – but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Uyghurs have been in concentration camps for years now and the Left hasn’t batted an eye.

It’s almost like they don’t care about human rights at all…



“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” – Abraham Lincoln