Donald Trump may be the most disruptive thing that has ever happened to our federal government. Since his election in 2016, he’s been as disruptive to the status quo of politics as the American Revolution was to the British monarchy.

That may sound like a bad comparison, but if you look at what happened in British politics after the American Revolution and compare that to what’s happening in our own government now, it’s easy to see how one could make the comparison.

The funny thing is, while Trump has had a hand in creating the current political climate, the media is TRULY what changed things. The way they reacted to Trump’s candidacy and then eventual election was a turning point that changed American society, probably forever.

For the first time ever, we had politicians—almost exclusively Democrats—calling for Trump’s impeachment BEFORE he even got into office.

That was unprecedented, and to make matters worse, it was all built on a LIE created by Hillary and the DNC. Even now, when the lie has been exposed, not ONE person has apologized for their abject ignorance or the political hit job they carried out against the president.

But with this precedent set, it puts us on a very slippery political slope. The worry isn’t about this kind of thing happening again, but rather about how it escalates from here.

Tit For Tat Politics

It’s already happening on the Right…

There are already rumblings about what could happen if, by some kind of miracle or divine intervention, Joe Biden is able to win the presidency. Republicans are angry about the way Trump has been treated in the last three years, and many of them may want payback.

One political commentator has already gone on record saying that Joe Biden could assume office with FOUR impeachable offenses facing him on day ONE.

“Maybe I’m missing something, but I can think of no other major presidential candidate, and certainly no other president (if he should win) who, on the day he was sworn in, would be immediately engulfed by not just one, but four – four! – impeachable scandals.”

Political columnist John Nolte wrote this statement, and the four charges he alludes to are as follows: the Tara Reade sexual assault case, spying on the Trump campaign as part of the Obama administration, blackmailing Ukraine into firing their prosecutor, and getting a billion-dollar contract from China for his son Hunter.

While we can agree these are all reasons why Biden should NOT be elected president…

The fact of the matter is that we do NOT want the election of our presidents to devolve into petty politics, determining which politician is less dirty than the other.

This isn’t how we want to do things.

Maybe there’s a better idea out there…

I’ve often thought that the presidency—and maybe ALL electable positions—shouldn’t go to who has the most money, but who is the best candidate for the job.

We May Need To Find A Better Way

Maybe instead of campaign videos and rallies…

We simply have debates that are moderated by a fair and unbiased moderator who simply asks questions that the candidates answer.

However, when it comes to the presidency, maybe it’s the people that DON’T want the job that are most deserving.

Maybe the job of the presidency should be something that you have to test for, proving you’re actually qualified.

There are a lot of ways we can move forward…

But what we don’t want to do is cheapen the process of the election by resorting to smear campaigns and attacks just because we our guy didn’t win.

It’s not a “tit for tat” game…

It’s the management of a country and it should be something we protect rather than politicize to our advantage.

We don’t have all the answers…

But we should start the conversation.

Because if things continue in this manner, we can expect more of what our country has gone through over the past three and a half years…

And America may not survive if that’s the modus operandi going forward.

Just something to think about.