Remember a few months ago, right before the election, when the Left tried to get the country to believe that Trump called veterans “suckers” and “losers”?

An “anonymous” source at The Atlantic came out and said that Trump called veterans who died in WWII “suckers” and POWs “losers” for getting caught…

The mainstream media ran with this story for weeks even though there wasn’t one single piece of corroborating evidence. They made this the leading narrative even though the “source” was never actually revealed.

Then, when MULTIPLE witnesses came out and said that Trump never made that remark—even people who don’t like him, like John Bolton—not ONE mainstream media outlet apologized or made a retraction.

If anything, Trump had shown NOTHING but respect to our veterans—so much so that he made sure the VA was overhauled to make it easier for veterans to get the quality care that they deserve.

It’s like whatever Trump did, the Left wanted to do the opposite…even when he did the right thing.

Luckily, the nation’s veterans knew this story for what it was: a big pile of bull…

​That’s why a HUGE percentage of active-duty military personnel voted for Trump. They knew the truth that he cared about them and their wellbeing.

He didn’t get us into one war or one armed conflict…

He did his best to keep America and her soldiers safe.

Trump Cared About Our Troops… Does Sleepy Joe?

But one has to wonder if Joe Biden feels the same – because the way he’s been acting, it seems that he doesn’t care one iota for our men and women in uniform.

While Trump wanted to celebrate them and the sacrifices they’ve made, Sleepy Joe doesn’t want to hear from them in the slightest.

The reason I’m making this assumption is because of what happened in Washington with the veterans’ group AMVETS.

Joe Biden’s Pentagon rejected a permit for the group’s annual “Rolling to Remember” motorcycle ride, traditionally held in DC on Memorial Day to honor POW/MIA veterans.

AMVETS submitted permit requests and petitions for the event to multiple federal agencies, and according to a press release from Californian GOP representative Darrell Issa, “AMVETS received approval from the Department of Transportation, the Department of Interior, and multiple other state and local authorities.”

So, AMVETs thought the event was good to go on as usual…

And why wouldn’t they? The federal government owes its power to the veterans of this country, so why wouldn’t they want to celebrate these brave men and women?

Well, even though Pentagon granted a permit to AMVETS for the event in March, the permits were pulled in the last few days— and done so without any kind of explanation.

Joe Chenelly, one of AMVETS directors said, “There are no options with as much space and convenient routes to the memorials, meaning it will be more difficult, disruptive, and expensive than if the Pentagon parking lots were available. The administration included AMVETS in this new group as ‘a trusted voice in communities across the United States,’ but the Pentagon wouldn’t have a conversation with us to share their concerns and give us the chance to address them before deciding to refuse our application.”

Do you know what this tells America?

That Joe Biden either doesn’t like our veterans, or worse, he’s AFRAID of them.

Neither is a good look for a sitting president and his administration—and believe me, people are taking notice.

The reason that Chenelly brought up the parking lot is that over the past years of the event, the Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride had used the Pentagon parking lot as the pre-ride staging area to line up for the processional ride from the Department of Defense to the war memorials on the National Mall.

This is what most people are blaming for the cancellation…

The parking lot is not available—but since the Pentagon won’t talk about it, we won’t know.

Jan Brown, AMVETS’ national commander said, “The biggest disappointment in the Pentagon’s denial was that AMVETS was ignored for months as its professional staff in Washington requested numerous times an opportunity to hear the Defense Department’s concerns and present a [coronavirus] safety plan.”

Ignoring veterans isn’t a good look either…

Something that Rep. Issa brought to national attention when he tweeted: 

“The Biden Administration is making a terrible mistake by blocking a veteran’s charity from the use of the Pentagon parking lot for the Rolling to Remember POW/MIA remembrance motorcycle ride. Sadly, the decision seems to be more about politics than safety.

Are you surprised though?

Probably not…

Joe Biden has never really seemed to care about our troops, so why should he start now?

It would be nice if he didn’t just outright disrespect them…

But hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and Sleepy Joe’s administration will see their mistake here.

Come on, man…

Our soldiers deserve better than this.


The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.Jeff Miller