Finally, Pennsylvania Republicans have shown that they will not back down from bringing justice to rampant election fraud that has robbed millions of residents of their legal votes for President Trump.

21 days after Election Day, the Pennsylvania State Legislature, along with Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, held the very first public hearing featuring eyewitnesses of a plethora of election issues and irregularities that occurred on November 3rd.

Although the mainstream media won’t report on it, the information shared by witnesses and officials is absolutely shocking.

During the hearing held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, multiple poll workers came forward to expose irregularities that occurred during their shifts on Election Day.

One woman, who described herself as a registered Democrat, said she was harassed, cussed out, physically threatened, and accused of racism when she began questioning why certain voting protocols and policies were not being followed.

She said her motivation in coming forward is to simply ensure that we have free and fair elections regardless of the presidential outcome.

A Republican poll watcher also described that he was completely denied access to watch polls in Philadelphia—which he said was likely to have happened at the entire city ward.

One of the most staggering moments was when an official revealed that one of the “batches” contributing to Biden’s lead in the Pennsylvania vote had 600,000 votes for Biden – and only 3,200 for President Trump.

A vote like that is statistically impossible in even the most deep-blue state, as that would mean President Trump only received about 0.05% of the vote in that area.

In a state like Pennsylvania where the GOP has gained hundreds of thousands of new Republican voters over the past four years, that batch is unquestionably illegitimate.

Following the conclusion of the initial witness hearings, President Trump reaffirmed his dedication to continue fighting for an election he legally won.

Slamming the Democrats, he said, “They just stepped on the gas and they got caught, just like they got caught spying on my campaign.”

The president addressed calls from both sides to concede by vowing to seek justice.

“It would be easy for me to say ‘oh let’s worry about four years from now,’ no, this election was lost by the Democrats. They cheated! It was a fraudulent election…” he said.

President Trump asked the witnesses, judges, and whistleblowers who fear threats to themselves and their families to stay strong in allowing the truth to come out.

“Don’t be intimidated by these people, they’re bad people.. they’re people who don’t love our country,” the president said.

The Epoch Times reported during the hearing that an evidentiary hearing will follow on Friday, November 27th at 11:30 AM EST via WebEx.

This hearing marks the beginning of litigation ensuing across the nation over the next few weeks as courts start legal proceedings.

It comes the morning after Jenna Ellis revealed that Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan legislatures will hold public hearings on the 2020 election as soon as this week.

The next public hearing featuring eyewitnesses to voting irregularities will be held by the Arizona legislature on Monday, November 30th, which will be followed with a hearing by the Michigan legislature on Tuesday, December 1st.

Legal battles are finally heating up after three weeks of uncertainty as to who won the presidential election. Hopefully, the American people will an answer soon.