It’s understandable why people can be so selfish at times. We’ve become a society where we can get whatever we want, whenever we want, with a simple phone call or a couple of key strokes.

We’ve become an instant gratification society, and it’s hard not to be selfish when there are so many things that are readily available to us at a moment’s notice.


There are times when people need to think about the bigger picture.

Times when we need to put the needs of others above our own petty wants—like the people who are snatching toilet paper out of the hands of the elderly and hoarding it like it’s the end of the world.

Now, we’re not saying we need to be some socialistic or communistic haven. That’s ridiculous…

But sometimes, it’s better to just take what we need and leave the excess for others who need it too.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Of course it would, but as long as we’re talking about fantasies (which this “live and let live” situation is), I have one I like to enjoy every now and then: Donald Trump walks into Congress and individually slaps each and every Dem in the face, and then walks right over to the Senate and does the same to the Dems there.

Let’s Get Real

People are greedy…

And nothing, not even the threat of the end of the American civilization, is going to change their ways.

In fact, it may make them even MORE greedy!

Which may be why Nancy Pelosi, being the wretched human being she is, tried to take advantage of the recent stimulus package that was negotiated by the Senate Dems and GOP members and held up the vote until she could insert some of her pet projects into.

What she wanted was ridiculous…

And here are the top 5 ridiculous things she tried to add into the bill in order to push her Liberal agenda.

I’ve ranked them in order from ridiculous to downright INSANE:


5. $35 million relief for the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts

Can you believe it? Americans are hungry and losing their jobs at breakneck speed – and Nancy wants to give $35 mil to a theater.

Are you SERIOUS?!


4. Obamaphones – Part II

Yes, Nancy is dusting off Obama’s plan for free phones for the people. In Title III, Section her bill allocates $1 billion (that’s BILLION with a “B”) for “emergency lifeline broadband benefit” for “every qualifying low-income consumer.”

We know this program better as Obamaphones.

Even more, this also offers FREE internet access for Americans living below the poverty line…because everyone needs Netflix in this time of crisis.


3. Higher fuel efficiency standards for airplanes

Yes, because in times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to impose more sanctions on businesses.

Is she smoking that new substance they sell freely in California


2. Funding for Planned Parenthood

While this didn’t make it into the final draft of her bill, it was something she was looking to slide in. The president has federally defunded Planned Parenthood, and Nancy can’t stand it.

It’s important to bail out the abortion industry even as people are dying.


1.Amnesty for ALL illegal immigrants!

Though this didn’t make it in her final draft either, it came close. Activists were DEMANDING that illegals get taken care of as well during the crisis since they’re making little to no money.

Can you imagine?


Now, there are a lot more things that Nancy tried to sneak in…

Like refugee migration assistance as well as a bailout for the US post office (which hasn’t stopped working and is in fine financial shape).

THIS is why hurting Americans couldn’t get the help they needed…

Ol’ Skeletor herself had to put in her own provisions to push her Liberal agenda instead of putting her politics on the back burner and just doing what was right.

We can only hope Americans remember this when it comes time to vote.

She needs to go…

We’ll leave the “where” to your imagination.


“Although the big word on the left is ‘compassion,’ the big agenda on the left is dependency.” – Thomas Sowell