We knew Democrats were corrupt, but Nancy Pelosi’s comments are next level “politics” if I’ve ever seen it.

In her latest move, during a press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi attempted to validate the Democrats’ Leftist wish list going into her $3 trillion dollar HEROES Act. Echoing previous comments by House Majority Whip James Clyburn, Pelosi stated, “Just as Mr. Clyburn said, this is an opportunity. Every crisis is.” Of course, she also didn’t miss the chance to criticize Trump, saying he should “take responsibility” for his pandemic response.

The cleverly-named HEROES Act, a COVID-19 relief bill, deceptively sounds like something that would support people who worked hard during the crisis such as nurses, first responders, teachers, etc.

The reality is that the Phase-Four coronavirus bill has little to nothing to do with the actual pandemic. If passed the bill would 1) bail out bankrupt state governments, 2) provide more than $2 billion in aid to historically black colleges, 3) enforce mandatory early voting and mail-in ballots, 4) eliminate state voter ID requirements, and 5) give assistance to political groups. There are several other major Leftist provisions within the bill, but these five are the most egregious.

So, Pelosi is not only exploiting people who were celebrated during this unprecedented time in our country’s history, but she is also disregarding the Constitution like it doesn’t exist and using the American people as leverage.

Considering the fact that it’s almost exclusively Democrat governors forcing lockdowns on their constituents while they hold out for federal bailout money, it’s especially gross that Pelosi is proudly admitting to using the pandemic to further her own agenda.

Opportunism isn’t a positive trait, Nancy.

Millions of people are suffering and dying across the country due to excessive lockdown measures. One doctor is predicting that there could be a “mass casualty event” attributed to suicides and lack of medical treatment to non-coronavirus patients. Meanwhile, power-hungry, TDS-driven Democrats are sitting around playing politics for their own personal gain.

Pelosi, who just prided herself as a professional opportunist, has said similarly slimy things in the past about how she conducts herself as a politician.

Just last year, Pelosi described Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry as “leverage” to further their agenda. If she would go so far as to use her impeachment power against the President of the United States—arguably the most powerful person in the world— then surely, she doesn’t have the slightest care about how her actions affect everyday Americans.

What’s most alarming about her open opportunism is just how comfortable she is talking about her shameless politicism during the pandemic.

Have Americans become so complacent and easily-pacified that they no longer have the ability to stand in the way of corrupt politicians like Pelosi? I’d like to think her political immunity is made possible by the mainstream media’s devotion to protecting the Democrat party rather than passivity on the part of American citizens.

If you think about it, Pelosi’s overtness could turn out to be a good thing for the Right. The more careless and comfortable the Democrats become, the more they will expose themselves thinking they are immune to criticism, and the more America will wake up and see their true colors.