When it comes to the riots in Portland, it’s truly hard to tell whether Leftists actually don’t have eyes or they just don’t understand what the definition of “peaceful” is.

Because if they were capable of understanding definitions and had functioning vision, there’s no way that they’d be able to describe the demonstrations that have been going on in Pacific Northwest as “peaceful.”

These protests are not peaceful. In fact, they’re not even protests.

They’re riots.

And now, all over the country where these demonstrations are being held, people are dying.

In Austin, Texas, an AK-47-wielding protestor died after reportedly aiming his rifle at the driver of a car, prompting the driver to fire his own weapon, killing the aggressor at the scene.

In Aurora, Colorado, a protestor fired his weapon at a Jeep that was trying to escape an impromptu protest, missing the car and hitting a fellow protestor.

But what’s going on in the Oregon and Washington are on another level altogether.

CHAZ/CHOP was bad. People were shot and killed during what the idiot mayor called a “summer of love”…

But what’s happening in Portland is beyond crazy.

Portland’s Warzone

They’ve had almost TWO months of solid protests, and every single day, Liberals and Leftist gather to protest…

And even though Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler has given them everything they’ve asked for, it’s never good enough for them.

The problem is that these protests DO start out peacefully…

But as the night rolls in and darkness falls, the people that have jobs and families go home—and the worst element of the demonstrators begin to act out.

They’ve been breaking window, starting fires, and assaulting business owners, not to mention the graffiti and trash they’re leaving everywhere.

While the violence has ramped up, the mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon are refusing to deal with it, leaving it in the hands of our president to take action.

And he has.

He sent in Homeland Security agents to protect the federal courthouse in Portland—a decision which, if you listened to the mainstream media, was responsible for an uptick in violence, with journalists comparing his response to throwing kerosene onto an already-lit fire.

But the fact remains that the fires were burning bright long before Trump got involved.

And it seems like they’re going to be burning a lot brighter and hotter before they’re put out. The “peaceful” protestors are looking to ramp up their “peaceful” ways, and it was just reported that the Portland police recently discovered a bag of loaded magazines and several Molotov cocktails stashed in a local park.

“Peaceful” Means Fire Bombs And Bullets?

After investigating shots fired at a protest in the downtown Area, witnesses say a fight broke out between several armed individuals, and the heated exchange almost turned deadly.

Authorities arrested two people, and then found the bag that contained the loaded magazines and Molotov cocktails nearby.

Stash of Weapons Found in Portland Park

This is “peaceful”?

The Leftists like to say, “You can’t blame these peaceful protests for the violent actions of a few!!”

But isn’t that exactly what they’re doing with the police?

Over 350 million police interactions take place in America EVERY year – and less than .01% of them turn physical…

Yet they want to blame the entire institution for the actions of a few.

They’re hypocrites…

And the more people die, the stronger the reaction to their “peaceful” protest is going to become. America is watching how Democrats handle problems, and they’re not liking what they’re seeing.

Do you think they the Oval Office to be occupied by one of the people that just lets the mob get away with obvious crimes and lawlessness?

They’re helping Trump and they don’t even realize it…

We should send them a “thank you” card on November 4th.


“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.