The lowest level anyone can sink to is when they start resorting to manipulating or harming children, but that’s exactly what the Left has slowly attempted to normalize over the past few years. Not only have famous figures on the Left been exposed for physically harming children, but they are ramping up efforts to inflict psychological harm on the next generation to achieve their own twisted goals.

We’ve seen the most outrageous examples of this in recent years, like “drag queen storytime” at local libraries, or parents giving their “trans” children hormone-blockers are shockingly young ages. Now, government-funded broadcasting service PBS is doing their part to push the progressive narrative on vulnerable children who watch their shows.

Popular PBS Kids show Arthur uploaded a three-minute segment to YouTube that attempts to shape what children think about the George Floyd incident and tell them how to react to the social situation. Arthur’s demographic aims for children ranging between ages 4-8. The program’s controversial message to elementary school kids is this: “It’s not enough to say, ‘I’m not racist, so it’s not my problem.’”

In the video, the main character Arthur, who is brown (and also an aardvark), explains to his white friend Buster (who is also a rabbit) that police brutality, “happens everywhere to people just because they’re black.” This skewed version of what happened completely ignores the fact that George Floyd was a criminal who was on drugs and resisting arrest before he died. It doesn’t excuse police brutality by any means, but the video fails to address the actual facts of the situation.

Arthur and Buster agree that racism must be stopped, so they call the lunch lady who is also brown, to ask if she has any ideas for how they can fight back as 8-year-olds. She then tells them it is not enough to deny that they are racist, because racism is “like a disease”, so they must also talk about it to their parents and classmates, listen to those who have experienced racism, and lastly, act when they see something happening that is unjust.

When you read the overall message, it doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, it actually sounds kind of nice: speak, listen, and act. It isn’t radical, it’s actually rather peaceful-sounding. Herein lies the problem: PBS is a taxpayer-funded broadcasting service. We the taxpayers pay for PBS to provide educational and entertaining programs for children. We do not pay for children to see Leftist programming that spreads misinformation and misrepresents facts for a partisan political agenda.

Now, take taxes out of the equation. Young children who are barely learning to write and spell should not be subjected to adult themes like racism, especially in reference to a death like George Floyd experienced.

Many children likely have never seen the video of what happened, and it is not fair to tell kids to go ask their parents about it or spread the narrative to their friends. No political party or ideology should ask children to spread any narrative, no matter what it is. Kids simply do not have the mental ability at that age to understand racism, the Floyd incident, or all the events that followed.

Furthermore, children are commonly considered colorblind as far as their judgments toward others because of race. While the Left would have you believe that white children are inherently racist, a viral video that recently resurfaced shows otherwise, as a white and black toddler run toward each other for a giant hug.

This is just one cute example of how most kids interact with each other. Why does PBS feel the need to taint kids with Leftist propaganda that will only confuse them by unnecessarily exposing them to a world of political problems? We should be protecting children’s innocence for as long as possible and fighting back against broadcasters like PBS who want to take it away.