During Trump’s presidency, while the Leftist media was in hysterics about a wealthy businessman occupying the White House, a point began circulating on social media that should have made people stop and think.

It said, “I’m less concerned about how a rich man became a politician than I am about politicians who become rich.”

It was basically comparing Trump, who actually lost money going into the presidency, to the “civil servants” that somehow make fortunes on salaries comprised of taxpayer dollars.

It’s actually shocking to see how many millionaires are “serving” our country right now in our Legislative and Executive branches.

Yes, even the Executive, because Joe Biden is a millionaire too. It’s weird to see that the man failed to pay $500,000 in taxes…that’s not something that rich people do.

I guess Biden forgot how much money he made…which makes sense. He forgets a LOT of things lately.

Like how the Declaration of Independence goes, or how even some basic words are pronounced.

But I digress…

Beyond Biden, there are a lot of other rich people in DC, but none have seen their bottom line SOAR during the last decade like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s family.

The Pelosi Family Fortune

Of course, that doesn’t even include Gavin Newsom, the Speaker’s nephew by marriage, whose fortunes have soared for unrelated but equally underhanded reasons.

The real financial powerhouse that’s worth discussing is Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s entrepreneur husband.

Paul and Nancy have been married since 1963, and for the past almost 60 years, Paul has basically lived in the background while Nancy amassed power in local, state, and eventually federal politics.

Paul Pelosi has always been a mildly successful businessman, but over the last decade, he’s apparently come into his own, with both his real estate and venture capital firms BOOMING.

However, this hasn’t always been the case.

Back in 2007, the Pelosi’s were rich, but they weren’t SUPER rich. With a comfortable net worth of $9 million, they certainly weren’t starving, but they were far from where they wanted to be.

But while the rest of the world was feeling the crunch of the Great Recession, the Pelosis actually got RICHER, bringing their net worth up over 1,000% in just two years, reaching over $20 million by 2009.

Paul and Nancy have only gotten richer from that point on, with the COVID-19 pandemic being a HUGE catalyst to the Pelosis’ monthly stock revenue.

So great have been their gains that Paul Pelosi is now one of the traders that OTHER traders watch before making a move.

Technically, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t trade stocks herself, since that could be seen as a conflict of interests and a violation of Congressional ethics…but nothing is stopping her husband from doing it for them, and since 2020, he’s been KILLING it!

Now, either Paul Pelosi really has his finger on the pulse of Wall Street…or he’s been getting some hot tips from people he and his wife know. Either way, it’s estimated that Pelosi’s firm in now pulling in anywhere from $1 million to $5 million per month from his trades.

Paul Pelosi: Wall Street’s NEWEST Guru

Paul has become one of those “must watch” figures for traders who want to make money, and nobody is really talking about how weird it is that he’s doing so while married to one of the most powerful politicians in America.

Sure, any trade made by a lawmaker or their family is required to be disclosed within 45 days of pulling the trigger, but all that does is give people a roadmap to making money.

Chris Josephs, cofounder of the social trading app “Iris,” explained in an interview, “We’ve been tracking their performance and every single stock she has bought in the last two years has gone up significantly.”

How significantly?

Well, Joseph says that ALL of Nancy’s disclosed positions have gone up 20% to 30% since the initial investment.

That’s crazy!

“The reason why Speaker Pelosi became so popular was because every trade she was making inevitably turned out to be such a long term winner,” Josephs said. “Albeit the entire market has gone up significantly, but these are very, very risky bets because she’s been buying LEAP options as opposed to just stock.”

Interesting, right?

Nancy…I mean, Paul…is getting rich off RISKY investments, not the tried-and-true variety.

Cashing in such massive winners with such accuracy is a stock market anomaly, so it makes sense for other investors to be watching these moves.

Josephs gives us a bit of a timeline on Paul’s success: “It started early in 2020 with Crowdstrike (CRWD), and then she bought Tesla (TSLA), and there were some laws passed pro for the EV market. Then she bought Google (GOOG, GOOGL) and then the laws came out that they weren’t going to go after big tech. And then she just recently bought Nvidia (NVDA).”

Amazing, right?

Somehow, Paul Pelosi has made EVERY right move without ­one mistake since 2020.

It doesn’t seem possible, does it?

Ask anybody that’s ever traded a stock and I’m sure they’ll tell you that Paul Pelosi’s run is unprecedented.

It’s like he can’t lose!

What’s even weirder is that this surprises nobody. Not one mainstream media outlet is talking about Pelosi’s newfound fortune.

But they won’t shut up about a legitimate businessman’s tax returns even after he’s out of office?

Something ain’t right here…and I’m sure we all know what it is.

It’s just too bad there’s nothing we can actually do about it.


“Most successful investors, in fact, do nothing most of the time.” – Jim Rogers