Over the past few years, it’s become evident that Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter bend the knee to Liberals and their Leftist agendas.

They’ve gone out of their way to all but silence the Conservative voice on their platforms, and they barely deny it anymore.

Of course, they couldn’t deny it if they tried. The evidence is clear. If you’re a Liberal and speak ill of conservatism, you get a pass; if you’re a Conservative that speaks ill of Liberals, you get fact checked, shadow-banned, or deactivated.

However, while we’ve come to accept this fact, we did believe that there were a few exceptions – for higher profile Conservatives whose massive followings make it difficult for them to be silenced without sparking some kind of controversy.

One such person is former UFC Champion and current MMA analyst/broadcaster, Pat Miletich.

Pat is a living legend in MMA. He’s one of the most respected fighters, coaches, and analysts in the game. He’s also one hell of a model American—a true patriot that cares deeply for our country.

An American Patriot Through And Through

He’s spent decades training some of the best fighters on the planet, including those in our elite military forces such as the Navy SEALS.

While he’s an incredibly busy man with all his ventures, he still found time to create a podcast that highlights some of the lunacy on the Left and the corruption of our entire political system, which he titled “The Conspiracy Farm.”

So, to say that Pat has a recognizable name would be an understatement.

That’s why it’s so peculiar that his Twitter account was disabled recently. You would think being such a high-profile Conservative would grant him some kind of immunity from Leftist plots—but it hasn’t.

This story came to light recently when I spoke to my good friend and decade-long training partner Steve “The Creepy Weasel” Montgomery, a former UFC fighter himself.

Steve recounted a story in which he replied to a tweet by Pat and got a private message from him, with a link that said, “You’ve got to see this…”. So, curious, Steve clicked the link…and got locked out of his Twitter immediately.

After trying to resolve it with the social media giant (who offered him ZERO help), Steve found Pat on Facebook and messaged him…

And that’s when Pat revealed the same thing had happened to him.

Pat ALSO clicked on a message from a friend with the subject line, “You’ve got to see this,” only to get locked out of his account.

Twitter refused to help him as well.

The Liberals Are Lining Up Against Us – What Will YOU Do?

That led to a long conversation between Pat and myself as to the multiple different ways that Liberalism is trying to take over the country and the world – and we both agree that silencing the Conservative voice is the first and most important step for them to make.

If you can silence the Right, you have a clear path to domination. With the Right censored into obscurity, there is no opposing thought to stop the Left from getting their agendas and ideologies pushed to the forefront.

They’re looking for an echo chamber…

And in the digital halls of the Liberal social media companies, they’re getting exactly that.

Even worse?

If they can do this to Pat Miletich, they can and WILL do this to anybody.

High-profile or Regular Joe, if you’re a Conservative—or even just LEAN to the Right—your voice is in danger of being silenced.

But it’s up to you if you let it.

Pat has already started another Twitter account – but the damage is done. His 43,000 followers are left in the dark, wondering why he stopped tweeting in early November.

This is the future, folks.

We need to fight back, because you never know who will be on the chopping block next—maybe it’s you.


“I decided it is better to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity.” ― Nadezhda Mandelstam